Monsta – Monsta Golf Ball Review0

20140728_172528 (2) In a flooded market with new Golf Balls popping up everyday, and the big hitters promising longer, straighter, softer balls every year, how do you stand out from the pack? How about naming your product Monsta and throwing a mean looking Green Monster Eye Ball as your logo on the ball? That's exactly what Monsta golf did, who launched their golf ball to the public for sale on July 21st, and seem to have been welcomed with open arms by many in the golf world. While many are excited about a new premium 3 piece golf ball that is affordable, some are put off by the name, and think the ball is yet another gimmick in a long line of gimmicks in the golfing industry. Here at AGG we put it through our test, our way, no scientific numbers we put the ball in play against similar golf balls and based our opinion that way.Check Out the Full Review Here

Fourteen – DJ-11 60 Degree Wedge0

20140726_094533 Why the name Fourteen? Simple the maximum number of clubs a golfer is allowed to have in his or her bag is 14, at Fourteen they believe in equipping the golfer with the very best 14 clubs possible to help their individual game. Fourteen began as a club designer and worked side by side with some of the biggest names in the industry to help design clubs. During the 1987 PGA season Scott Simpson won the U.S. Open with a set of SX-25 Irons that were designed by Fourteen. In 1987 they released the Tarako Iron which would prove to be the first what we now know as Hybrid Irons; after years of success in the club designing industry in 2002 Fourteen officially launched themselves as a brand and entered the club making business. Word of this quickly took off and caught the attention of Ernie Els, who won THE OPEN Championship that year using a set of HI-858 Irons by Fourteen. Fourteen is best known for their wedge design and is credited with producing the first wedges you saw on tour with people backing the ball up on the greens. Their goal is to make a club that is easy to swing with no resistance, this is directly related to their logo, a simple feather. Much like a feather falling easily from the sky, Fourteen builds their clubs to replicate this in your golf swing.Check Out the Full Review Here

Royal & Awesome – Golf Shorts (2014 Additions)0

paddypar Last year we did a review on Royal and Awesome and their bright and bold short/pants line, this year they released a few new in your face patterns we thought you might be interested in knowing about. Some of the info below is taken straight from last year's review, as the company information didn't really change, however the part about the actual shorts is new. Many people think that Loudmouth Golf, has the market covered on the bright colors, crazy patterns and stand out crazy designs in the golf fashion industry; however Royal and Awesome makes high quality Golf pants, shorts and hats as well as shorts and skorts for women. Royal and Awesome is based out of Scotland, where the game of golf began, and brings a fun twist to the golf fashion industry. Their company slogan “Royal & Awesome – For the pars and the bars,” and what a perfect slogan that is. You can handle all 19 holes in comfort while looking stylish in Royal and Awesome gear. Royal and Awesome has a great philosophy about their product, they make great quality products all while having the time of their lives. Graeme Smeaton who is the brand director, and my contact at Royal and Awesome demonstrates what the company is all about, with every email he ends talking about the quality of one of their products and the simple word Cheers.Check Out the Full Review Here

Callaway – SuperSoft Golf Balls0

SuperSoft All the hype this year has been about Callaway's new Speed Regime series golf balls, however in my opinion the Callaway SuperSoft golf balls are the real star of Callaway's new golf ball line up. I stumbled upon these one day when I was not in the mood to drop $48 on my normal Bridgestone 330S's, as I hadn't played in a few weeks and wasn't expecting much out of my game. I saw the SuperSoft's sitting right by the register at my home golf course, and I asked the assistant pro if he had heard anything good about them; he said people have been saying how great they were but he hadn't hit them yet. For $19.99, yes you read that right, $19.99 I decided they were well worth trying out and I am glad I did.Check Out the Full Review Here

Who will win the 2014 Players Championship?0

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Check Out the Full Review Here

True Linkswear – Oxford Shoe Review0

oxford I work for a very casual, yet white collar company, in which we are expected to dress nicely but do not need to wear a suit and tie to work everyday. Being the IT guy, and not dealing with clients on a regular basis, I am allowed to dress slightly more casual than others, and my basic work wardrobe is the exact same thing you would find me wearing (dress slacks, a polo and normally a pull over jacket) to the golf course on a saturday morning. Up until I tried the Oxford from True Linkswear, the only thing I ever had to change from work to the course was my shoes; once I tried the Oxford from True now I leave work jump in my car and when I get to the course I am ready to go, no changing and no wasted time, all while looking stylish and being comfortable. The stylish upper of the shoe is made of Suede and when tightened with the cord style shoe string, it form fits to your foot giving you exceptional comfort and stability. The flex rubber sole, almost makes you feel like you are standing barefoot on the course, and gives you optimal stability, the sole True uses is hands down better than any other companies sole on the market that I have tried. True made the Oxford water and stain proof with a coating that you can neither see or feel, however with constant use you can get grime and dirt on the shoe but it cleans off very easily. The offer multiple color designs to go with any color scheme you might wear to work, the bar or the golf course; all of the Oxford shoes stand out by the bold colors True uses in their soles, so while the shoe looks great at work, it doesn't look like your average dress shoe. I really like what True is doing with their line of shoes and can't wait to try a few more pair in the near future.Check Out the Full Review Here

BombTech Golf – Grenade Putter (Limited Edition) Review0

Capture What do you get when a company known for a bold in your face driver, decided to make a putter? Seems like a riddle but it is anything but that BombTech Golf, known for their Grenade Driver jumped into the putter market with their release of the Grenade Putter, which hit the market last week. AGG was sent one of the first putters completed and we are honored to be one of the first to review it, I will get into the full review below but to answer the riddle, you would get a well crafted made in the USA, center shafted Mallet putter that has the feel of the best blades I have ever hit.Check Out the Full Review Here

Radius Roll – ‘F/P Tour Milled Putter Review0

BM_3__48100.1375988403.180.180 You can go to any putter manufacturer website out there, and they all boast about some incredible technology of their putter that will make you putt better; however rarely can you actually see the technology they are boasting about. With Radius Roll putters, you can physically see that technology, but a round faced putter? We have all been up late at night, and seen horrendous infomercials on the Golf Channel with some new gimmick, like Tru Roll putters a cylinder based putter, that looks more like some sort of hammer than a putter; I can tell you Radius Roll is far from a Gimmick and while they share the rounded face idea of putting that's all they share, Radius Roll knocked their putter line out of the park and might change the face (pun intended) of the putter industry.Check Out the Full Review Here

True Linkswear – TRUE Lyt Dry Shoe Review

lime True Linkswear was founded on a simple idea, comfort; and you can tell this is their focus in every shoe they produce. Founded in late 2009, their goal was to build a minimalistic golf shoe that mimicked the natural motions of the foot, increasing comfort on and off the course. They soon started teaming with PGA tour star and 3 time PGA winner Ryan Moore, to put their products to the highest test, the PGA tour. With Ryan's feedback and their passion to build the most comfortable shoe on the market, True Linkswear has carved out a name for themselves, right along side the big dogs in the golf shoe industry. True Linkswear has a simple goal, design a golf shoe that will improve your game on the course, yet still be comfortable to wear off the course. Each of their models, showcase this in a different way and we will be doing another review of their Oxford line coming soon. True Linkswear examined how the foot moves during an athletic golf swing and produces light weight, comfortable shoes that help to maintain that athletic movement. All of True Linkswear's shoes are spikeless, so you can go from a day at the park to the course with out having to change, all while your feet feel like they are walking on a cloud.Check Out the Full Review Here

Golftec Golf Drills – Left Hand Only Drill for Crisp Contact with Wedges

Scooping. Flipping. Trying to help the golf ball up in the air puts the golf club in a dangerous position with a shaft that is leaning backwards as you try to strike the golf ball. Getting the club to lean backwards exposing the leading edge of the golf ball brings in that dreaded bladed shot that rockets across the green. If we can prevent the shaft from leaning backwards we have a great opportunity to help you break your personal par. The left hand only drill is one of several golf drills you can practice and is a simple effective way to give you the sensation of a shaft that is leaning forward as you strike the golf ball.Check Out the Full Review Here

Virginia Oaks Course Review – By

virginia_oaks For such a relatively small body of water, it’s quite remarkable that there are three separate 18-hole golf courses that all have holes with where Lake Manassas is in play. Robert Trent Jones, commonly referred to as RTJ, is the world class and highly exclusive club that has hosted four President’s Cup tournaments since 1994, and has the most lake front golf of the three courses. Stonewall is a highly rated upscale public course on the west-end of the lake, as well as a course that the Beltway Golfer plans to review before the year’s end. Virginia Oaks lies predominantly east of the lake with only a couple holes bringing the lake into play, and is the more affordable of the two public courses mentioned here. All three courses are accessed off route 29 just south of interstate 66 in Gainesville, Virginia.Check Out the Full Review Here

Name Brand Golf Balls vs. New Guys on the Market

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Check Out the Full Review Here

OnCore Golf – MA-1.0 Golf Ball Review

oncore2 Every once in a while a company reaches out to us about reviewing their product, and some of the companies are so over the top or gimmicky that we kindly turn them down, however OnCore golf intrigued me so much to the point I was waiting at the mailbox for their package to show up. I had recently been watching the best of the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando on the golf channel, when they reached out, and during that feature OnCore was talked about several times; at first I thought it was a joke, a golf ball with a metal core couldn't possibly conform to PGA rules could it? The answer is yes and for some golfers out there, this ball will completely change your game.Check Out the Full Review Here

Interview with Rick Monroe – Founder of RadiusRoll Putters

BM_3__48100.1375988403.180.180 Recently one of our reader's asked us to review Radius Roll Putter's and after reaching out to them on twitter @RadiusRoll, I got in touch with the CEO and Founder Rick Monroe. After learning a little bit more about their technology and story, I knew we had to get our hands on one of their putters and review them. I had the opportunity to ask Rick a few questions and you can read that interview below. Look for our review of Radius Roll and their F/P Tour Milled Putter, when we put it head to head with the biggest name in the putter industry, Scotty Cameron, Rick has told me he has no doubts the Radius Roll Putter will out perform the Scotty Cameron, we can't wait to find out!Check Out the Full Review Here

I Need The Ball – Golf Ball Review

20140324_102735 I am not sure about the rest of you but with me and my buddies, the conversation of we should make our own Golf Balls has come up before, and it was nothing more than a fun conversation over a few beers on the 19th hole. However for Josh, Steve and Glen the founders of I Need The Ball, that conversation turned into one of the most affordable high performance golf balls on the market. It is hard to break into the Golf Ball market successfully and if you try you better have a good product, and I Need the Ball certainly has that; they have combined the length of a distance ball with the soft feel of a tour ball, all for $35 a dozen. Here at Average Guy Golf, we love reviewing the big name brands and trying their new products, but when we find a small company, offering an incredible product at a price all of us Average Guy's can afford, well it most definitely does not get any better than that. A lot of people think if you want a high quality ball you have to have a Titleist, Bridgestone, Nike or Callaway in your hand, all costing you well over $40 a dozen. If you can get over needing the name brand golf balls that you see plastered every where on golf telecasts and at your local golf shop, check out I Need the Ball and save yourself money and strokes all while adding distance and feel.Check Out the Full Review Here