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Written By: Chris Conley

downloadFor those who don’t know me very well, I have three real hobbies in life (well four if you consider whatever cartoon or activity my daughter is into that week), Golf, Sports and Technology take up a considerable amount of my daily life.  That is why I was very excited when Stanley from 3-Bays GSA reached out to me, to review their Golf Swing Analyzer, it combined my love of Technology with my love of Golf.

If you read my Rukket review on their high end golf net, you will know that I am big on Hank Haney’s philosophy of taking 100 swings a day, regardless if you can get to the course or not.  However the one thing I always say in regards to Hank Haney’s advice is why just take 100 swings if you get no feedback, who knows if those swings are beneficial or if you are just practicing bad technique.  With 3-Bays GSA you can take those 100 swings and get instant feedback, regardless if you are hitting a ball or not; you can even throw a wiffle practice ball down in the yard and get feedback like you are on the longest of driving ranges.

How it Works

The GSA uses a 3-axis accelerometer matched with gyroscope sensors and takes your swing path and digitizes it by creating over 10,000 data points through out your swing.  Once the capsule on the end of your club captures all the data points it transfers it via Bluetooth to either your smart phone or your tablet operating Android or iOS operating systems.

3baysGolf Swing Analyzer (GSA)

When the GSA arrived from 3-Bays I was thoroughly impressed with it’s packaging, I know that sounds weird but as a tech junkie you can tell a lot from a manufacturer from how they package their device; the GSA is in a packaging that would rival any Apple or Samsung product.  In the packaging you get the GSA which is about the size of a quarter in diameter and about an Inch thick, a USB charger and a padded carrying case so you can put the GSA in your golf bag with out worrying about damaging it.  In addition to these three pieces you need to download an app, which will also determine what product you purchase, GSA comes in both Android and Apple version and you simply download the FREE app from Google play or the app store depending on your Operating System.  Once you have the app downloaded to sync the device is simple, simply turn on Bluetooth on your device, open the app and it will walk you through the simple connection process; within a minute your device is connected and ready to start giving you instant feedback.

So what information does the GSA give you?  The simpler question would be what information does the GSA not give you?  With the GSA you get instance feedback on Consistency, Club Head Speed, Tempo, Impact Force, Back-swing Time, Ball Speed, Downswing Time, Carry Distance, Face Angle and Swing Path; if that is not enough information for you, there is now a video feature to the software where you can see your swing along with the numbers, which we will talk about later.


So you have GSA connected via BlueTooth, you know what information you can get, now what?  The program is very user friendly and easy to use, you simply select the club you have the GSA connected to and swing, after each swing give the app a second to process the data then make another swing.  Along with the data you get above, you also get an animated view of the swing path which will help you with what plane you are using with your golf swing.   The thing I love most about the program is if you know your last swing was perfect you can set it as a “best swing” then any other swing you make is compared to that swing, letting you know in percentages how far off your swing is compared to the best swing you marked earlier; of any feature I really think this will improve your game dramatically.  If you know on the course you hit your 7-Iron 165 yards, you can mark the swing that travels that far on the app as your best swing and you can see the swing plane and data so you can compare other shots to it.  This will help you with consistency and in no time at all your swings will emulate the “best swing” that you previously marked.  The other cool feature is if you are like me your clubs are not right off the rack and are a little longer than standard length, with one click you change the length of individual clubs in the app so you get more accurate data, the system also saves this so you always come back to the correct data on your clubs.


I was surprised at just how accurate the GSA was, I tested it with every club in my bag and the distances were dead on.  While I don’t know the club head speed for all my clubs, I do know the carry distance and every one was correct, the club I practiced with the most was my 7-Iron and my carry distant ranged between 162-166 with the GSA, when I have a 165 yard shot my 7-Iron is my go to.


One feature I didn’t know about when Stanley first contacted me, and was a very happy surprise was the Video feature.  Unfortunately I cannot get the video to upload, to show it, but you can click the record button and along with the data above you can see your actual swing; it might be best I couldn’t get it to upload so the world doesn’t see my Jim Furyk inspired swing.  With one click of the button, and a buddies help of course, you can record your swing and see the data along side an actual video of YOUR swing.  This is the most valuable training aid I have seen to date, you know you hit your 7-Iron 165 yards, but the data says 155 now you have an actual video to see what you did wrong!



This product is perfect for the busy golfer who can’t get to the course regularly, you simply attach the sensor to the end of your club (it weights nothing at all so it won’t mess up your swing), and get instant feedback.  You can fix your swing plane instantly with feedback from the animated golfer or the new incredible live video feature.  One thing most of us Average golfers have a hard time of grasping is the harder you swing does not mean a faster club head speed, you can really dial in your swing with the GSA, you will get in a rhythm by seeing the feedback at your finger tips.   If you have a net in the backyard like I do, you can hit real golf balls for the full experience and see the shot path right on your phone or tablet within a second.  The GSA stores all your shots, so over a month’s time frame if you hit 150 balls with your driver you can review all the data; and see how over time your carry distance, swing path, club head speed or numerous other information has improved.  I think the GSA can help any handicappers game, while it is a lot of information that a higher handicap player might not understand at it’s core you can see the swing path, carry distance and club head speed which will help them improve.  Perfect Practice makes Perfect, not just practice and with the GSA you have the ability to practice with a purpose not just swing with no feedback.

You can find more information on 3-Bays on their website….HERE

Look for our giveaway on the GSA Pro and the GSA Putt (their putting app) coming soon.

Look for our Review of the GSA Putt Product coming VERY SOON!!!

3-Bays - Golf Swing Analyzer (GSA) Pro
Ease of Usewww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Download an app and have the device connected via bluetooth within seconds
It's light weight and fits on the end of your club, it is made of plastic but should never have an issue
At $199 it really isn't priced to bad at all, for the feedback and accurate information it gives you, you can spend $200 at the driving over a month's time and not get the feedback you get with this device.
Perfect Practice makes Perfect, not just practice and with the GSA you have the ability to practice with a purpose not just swing with no feedback.

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris - Myrtle BeachChris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his See More Putter.  Chris who is 31 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is almost two, who loves to go the course with her daddy, and enjoy the wildlife as well as riding in the carts.  Chris's goal with the site is to make , your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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