3 Up Golf – 3F120

Written By: Chris Conley

3upWhen it comes to the game of Golf most of us, including myself, are stuck in the name brand names when it comes to our equipment.  We see the pros hitting certain clubs, wearing certain gear or playing certain golf balls and we think that must be the best of the best and we need to put it in our bag as well.  Average Guy Golf and the success we are experiencing has really helped changed my mind set on the stigma of using equipment, apparel or golf balls outside the realm of the big 6-7 companies you see weekly on the PGA tour.  We monitor our tweeter feed very closely at AGG, and recently I saw a few people talking about this new Golf Ball company 3 Up Golf from New Hampshire that was slowly but surely taken the North East by storm.  After contacting 3 Up Golf via email the founder/President of 3 Up Golf emailed the same day, he was excited to send some balls to test.

You can check out a little bit more about 3 Up Golf by reading our

interview with Founder Rob Zimmerman, by Clicking Here

You can read all about 3 Up golf in our interview above but some quick background on the company that everyone should know.  3 Up is a three man team, with Rob, his wife Danielle and good friend Chris Mader; Chris and Rob are low handicappers who play amateur tourneys frequently.  In 2012 Rob suffered a mild heart attack, which luckily he made it through; but it gave him a new lease on life.  With their families life savings, Danielle and Rob decided to follow Rob’s passion of the game and started up 3 Up Golf.  In addition to making such a great product, $3 of every dozen golf balls sold is given to different golf charities; in my opinion this is the best part of 3 Up Golf, they make a great product but understand the importance of growing the game.  With lot’s of buddies owning small businesses, I’ve been a lot more aware of where my money is going to lately and with 3 Up Golf you can be assured your money is going to a good cause while receiving a quality product.

Ok, on to the ball itself.  3 Up Golf currently makes one model, the 3F12, which stands for three piece golf ball, Feel and 12 is the year the company was founded.   The 3F12 is made of cast urethane cover which makes it feel very soft in your hands, I normally play the Bridgestone 330rxs which is a very soft ball and the 3F12 felt softer that that.  One other thing the cast urethane cover does in my opinion is makes it very tacky feeling; almost like you can feel the ball on the putter head.  The only way I can explain this is I tested myself, I played a few different balls through out the round hitting second shots alongside the 3F12; so with two balls in my pocket I would try to pick out the 3F12 with out looking just by feel and I could do it every time.  The ball is tacky to the point you can tell the difference from other balls on the market, I did this with various Bridgestone models, the Pro V1’s and the new TaylorMade Lethal balls.  All those balls have amazing feel around the green, and the 3F12 stood up to all of them.

The 3F12 has 318 dimples and plays at a 90 compression, the cover is 0.037″ and the driver spin rate is 3341; the 9 Iron spin rate is 9032 around 5% more than the leading brand on the market.

With Bridgestone which is my normal ball of choice, though that might have been changed after testing the 3F12, they have many balls to choose from and depending on swing speed different balls do different things.  With the 3F12 any swing speed will work, I gave a buddy a ball to test who has a slow swing speed and he was hitting the ball as far as his Pro V1, I have a fast swing speed around 116mph’s and the ball went farther than the Bridgestone I normally use.

On the chipping green I tested the ball against the big names in the spin world, Bridgestone S models, the Pro V1x and Srixon Z balls and it stood up to them all.  I actually preferred it over all the balls except the Bridstone 330rxs, which I found I could make check up slightly more; however I think the 3F12 was the best of the punch when it came to putting.

I play at about a 12 handicap though in recent months it has been single digits, and my miss is a bad fade, like most golfers.  Normally with a softer ball I would never bring the driver out, and hit my 4 wood but I tested my driver with the ball and my fade was minimal.    I hit a lot of fairways with the 3F12, which made if even easier to stick the green.

As I said in the opening paragraph I know it is hard to get over the stigma of having to have the name brand products in your bag; however I am willing to bet in no time at all 3 Up will be a name brand that everyone knows about, so jump on the train early!  One cool thing about the ball is their logo is a ball mark, I can’t remember how many times I have gone to add marks to my ball so I can identify it and ended up adding three green circles to the ball, well the 3F12 is already marked that way for you!  Whether you are looking for a softball around the greens and putting, or a ball long off the tee box that flies straight the 3F12 does it all.  There is just something about that Cast Urethane Cover that makes the ball become one with your club head, it’s a feel I haven’t felt with any other balls on the market.

3 Up Golf - 3F12
Flew farther than my Bridgestone 330.
This ball feels like an extension of your putter.
At $40 a dozen it is cheaper than the best balls on the market and $3 goes to charity, still a little bit more than the average golfer will probably want to spend but well worth it.
I think I found a ball that I will be using for quite a long time.

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