Bender Golf Gloves

Written By:   Chris Conley

Bender So your belt matches your hat, or is it your shoes, and what matches your shirt?   Yes, fashion has indeed taken over the game of golf; shoes are bright and have eye popping color, belts are no longer black or brown and shirts come in a billion different designs.   The only thing that has stayed the same and some what boring over this fashion explosion is the golf glove, you normally find your standard white or off-white glove with the occasional black glove mixed in; Bender Gloves has now made it easy to add even more flare to your game with high quality golf gloves in numerous different colors.   As a moniker we use a lot on this site, “ Look Good Play Good “, Bender Gloves gives you that extra touch of color to make your golf attire pop.

About Bender Gloves

The Bender Glove story is one that truly fits with our site and our readers, because the owners of Bender Gloves truly represent the Average Guy Golfer in all of us.  The company was started by Bryan, a network administrator (much like myself) at a hospital and Erin who has an accounting degree and works in a supply chain for a larger manufacturing company.  The couple lives in a small town in Central Illinois, and one day decided they wanted to share their passion for the game with a new and unique style .

Bender Gloves mission statement is “Our mission is to provide the best gloves in terms of performance and cost, without sacrificing quality. We believe we have done that with each BenderGlove we send out!”   So as you can see Bender Gloves is a perfect representation of our site, as they are Average Guy Golfers just like us all who took their passion of the game and turned it into a great product.

The Bender Glove

A lot of people that saw me wearing the glove on the golf course, thought it was a gimmick glove, just used to grab attention; I am here to say this glove is anything but a gimmick.  Bender Gloves took the time and really came up with a great looking but also great quality product.  There are a few other colored gloves on the market, but after one wear in the hot and humid Maryland summer, the dye is bleeding off the glove getting on your pants and staining your hands, because of the dyed Cabretta leather that is most commonly used.  Bender Gloves decided to use a high quality synthetic leather, to help ensure no bleeding of the color on their gloves.  I can tell you after three rounds in hot and humid conditions, and one round in a light rain; the color is still as bright as ever and my hand was stain free.  I am very hard on golf gloves, and I tend to grip harder as the day gets more humid, my two problem spots on gloves are the finger print part of my thumb and the palm of my hand under my pinky finger.  Bender Gloves added an anti slip padding to the palm of the glove so after four rounds you can’t even tell I wore the glove; the synthetic leather allows for more durability in the thumb area and while a little wear showed, nothing compared to most gloves on the market for how hard I am on a glove.  The other thing I like about this glove is it is very breathable, their is elastic areas at all joints and along the fingers that allow for easy breathing and flexibility in the glove.


I really do believe if you look good, you will instill confidence in yourself and play good as well.  Bender Gloves as taken that to the next level, you can now add a little more flare to your attire with out losing any quality.  Most people walk into their big box store and buy the biggest name brand glove they see and think that is the best glove for them.  You can find much more affordable products on the market, that are just as high of quality and Bender Gloves is definitely one of those companies.  Click below to save 5% when you enter AGG as the coupon code and check out Bender Gloves today!