Best Golf Christmas Presents – Stocking Stuffer Edition 11

Written By: Chris Conley

Here at AGG, we are in hopes of educating our readers of what other Golf Lover’s in their life might want as a Christmas present this holiday season.  In this week’s edition we look at stocking stuffers, these are smaller items that will fit in a stocking and not cost the giver of the present an arm and a leg, all while being able to give the golf lover in your life something he or she will love.  As always if you have a great product you think others would benefit from, please leave it in the comments so our other readers can check them out!

1) Tin Cup Ball Marker

I love the Tin Cup Ball Marker, and it is a perfect gift to be used as a stocking stuffer.  Golfers for generations have found unique ways to mark their golf ball, so it can easily be identified, Tin Cup allows you to take that to the next level.  Tin Cup is basically a stencil that your golf ball fits into and using a Sharpie you follow the stencil, use different colored sharpies to make it even more signature.  They have a TON of designs, and even recently launched a College Logo line of Tin Cups to show your allegiance in a fun way.  At $20 you can’t go wrong with the price either, you can find Tin Cups website HERE .

Razor's Edge

2) Champ FlyTee Pro

This seems like a very boring gift, but as a golf lover I would love to find these in my stocking.  They are made of a super durable polymer so you will not have to deal with breaking tees, time and time again.  The thing I love about these tee’s that not everyone talks about is Iron usage, on a par 3 if you take a full wooden tee and jam in the ground I feel it can turn the club face, even if slightly it’s enough to throw off your shot.  With the FlyTee Pro, no more searching for a broken tee and trying to get the ball to stay on it correctly, your club can sweep right through these and never have an issue.  You can find Champ’s FlyTee website HERE .

3) Champ’s Replacement Spikes

Another seemingly boring product, but I would love to get this in my stocking as well.  Few things are more important than the right footing on the golf course, and Champ’s makes the best replacement spikes I have found on the market.  I mostly use their ScorpionSTINGER line of replacement spikes, one thing I love about these is the C logo on the bottom, is also an indicator of when you should replace your spikes.  I have a pair of Puma golf shoes I love and the STINGER’s I put on this spring, have lasted twice as long as the original spikes that came with the shoes.  They make the STINGER in different fittings to fit all major brands, just be sure of what type of shoe the golf lover in your life has before purchasing.  You can check out the scropionSTINGER spikes at Champ’s website HERE .

4) WristSkins

I am always fuddling for my ball marker when I get to the green, that is why I love the WristSkins product so much.  A braclet that you can get in many different designs and/or sports team desgined, that has three magnetic ball markers that are always accessible on your wrist.  We recently did a review of the WristSkins and you can read it HERE .  I love the Swing To Cure line, and with it being breast cancer awareness month, you can buy a gift and help women in need who are suffering from this awful disease.  You can check out WristSkins website HERE .

5) Frogger BrushPro

I’ve had cheap golf brushes that just scratch the club face of my club, or don’t do a good job of getting down into the grooves of my wedges , as they are always dirtier than any club.  A retractable cord so the brush hooks straight to your back so you will never loose it or have to unhook it, a heavy duty brush and a fold-able metal groove cleaner make this the perfect tool for your golf bag.  You can find the Frogger BrushPro and Frogger’s website HERE .

6) NFL Team Embroidered Golf Towel

Who doesn’t love to show their allegiance to their favorite NFL team, I am a Bills fan (football season is heart breaking) and I love having a Bills Logo on my golf towel.  Support your team, show your colors, and make conversations start on the golf course, what’s better than a round of golf and talking about Football?  The towel I have I found at Golf Galaxy but a quick google search will show many companies that make NFL Golf Towels.

Team Golf NFL Series Embroidered Towel

7) Seaforth Canuktuk Beanie

What good is a Christmas present you can use till march when it starts to get warmer?  The Seaforth Canuktuk Beanie is the perfect Christmas gift, the golf lover in your life will love this hat, and can use it right away.  I love playing in cold weather, the course is generally empty and there is just something about the crisp cold air, but you need the right gear for it to be fun.  The Canuktuk is a water repellent, fleece lined, stretchable beanie; it is very warm and form fitting making playing in the cold, rain or wind much more of a fun experience.  I wore this hat on a cold, windy rainy day last weekend, and not one time did the cold weather thoughts over power my thoughts of my golf game.  You can find the Seaforth Canuktuk at their website HERE .

Product Image

8) MY ID Medical ID bracelet by ENDEVR

Does the golf lover in your life play a lot of rounds as a single?  Is he or she out on the course, in hot or very cold weather by their-selves often?  The MY ID bracelet might be the perfect gift for them, the bracelet is a stylish bracelet, that will go with any golf outfit.  However the true brilliance of this product is the bar-code scanner on the inside of the bracelet.  You create an online account , enter your medical information and if anything every happens to you on the golf course while you are alone, someone can simply scan the bracelet and have all your information needed to help you.  There are a million medical bracelets out there but the great thing about the MY ID is the information is digital so if you move or need to update information, you don’t have to buy a new bracelet simply go online and update the information.  The MY ID bracelet can be found at ENDEVR’s website HERE .

MYID - Medical Identification Band

As always if you have any product you think would be a perfect fit for this list, please let us know in the comments below, that way our readers will see it as well.

More About the Author – Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Kenny Giannini Putter.  Chris who is 31 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who just turned two and loves to go the course with her daddy, and enjoy the wildlife as well as riding in the carts.  Chris’s goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.