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Best Golf Christmas Presents – Under $302

Written By: Chris Conley

It seems every year the Christmas decorations are out at stores earlier and earlier, so we at AGG decided to start our best gifts segment a little earlier than normal.  Our goal is to find the 5-10 best gifts for a certain price range and will be doing it in installments.  The first installment will be the best Golf Presents you can get for the golfer in your family for under $30; we will do a different price range every week in hopes of helping your shopping for the Golf Lover in your life easier.  Feel free to comment and add any products you feel should have made our list.

1) HIRZL – Trust Control Glove

Our first product is a quality glove by HIRZL called the Trust Control Glove.  You can read the review of the glove we did earlier this year, HERE.  For $25 you get a glove that will outlast any glove at half it’s price, this glove gives amazing grip in any weather conditions.  I have played in the pouring rain and had no fear of loosing grip of the club.   You can find the gloves at HIRZL’s website HERE. HIRZL

2) Frogger – Amphibian Golf Towel

The Frogger Golf Towel is in my opinion one of the best accessories you can add to your golf bag.  The towel can be reversed with both a wet and dry portion to dry your grips and clean your clubs with the same towel. You can find our review of the Amphibian Golf Towel HERE.  For $29.99 you are getting a great deal that you will use a million times more than you ever thought you would.  You can find the towel on frogger’s website HERE.

3) Golf Pain Away

This is a simple product that works great, every golfer has aches and pains somewhere on their body and you can throw Pain Away in your golf bag and it rolls on with no smell and is clear.  It works great for me around my neck area as I sit at a computer all day then go to the course with a stiff neck.    You can read our review of Golf Pain Away HERE.  At $25 you will throw it in your bag and forget about it until you need it, and when you need it it will be well worth that $25.  You can find the product on their website HERE.

Golf Pain Away 50ml Roll-on

4) Bender Golf Gloves

In the ever involving fashion of golf, Bender Gloves makes a high quality very durable colored golf glove.  So now you can add a little flare to your game with your glove.  You can find our review of Bender Golf Gloves Here.  If you go to Bender’s website HERE, and enter the coupon code AGG you can save 5% off your next purchase.

5) Bridgestone E-Series Golf Balls

The bridgestone E series might be my favorite item on this list, for any skill level golfer you can find either the E-5, E-6 or E-7 that will help your game.  The E-5 provides a higher ball flight for people who struggle with Trajectory, the E-6 provides less spin off the club face for a straighter ball flight and the E-7 will add distances to anyone’s game.  At $27 a dozen you won’t find a better ball on the market in my opinion, you can read our review of the E-6 HERE.  You can find Bridgestone anywhere that sells Golf Balls, as they are a big name in the industry but if you want to see the research behind the E series, check out their site HERE.

e6 Box

6) HeadcoversOnline.com

This is a website and not an exact product, but they offer a TON of different head covers for under $30.  One way a golfer can add a bit of their own style to their bag is with funny or meaningful club head covers.  They offer Animals, Cartoons to different sports teams; I think the perfect head cover makes the golf bag.  Check them out online HERE.



7)  Proactive Trunk Organizer

This is a product I have had for some time, but never published a review on, which I need to do because it is a great product.  The majority of the time when I get to golf, I sneak out of work a little early and get a late 18 holes in.  This organizer allows me to pack my car the night before with everything I need for the next day of golf.  I can get my golf shoes, shorts, shirt and belt as well as a hat in the organizer; it allows everything to be neatly folded so it is not wrinkled and you can easily grab the organizer out of your trunk and take it into the locker room to change.  You can pick this up for anywhere between $20 and $30 on sale, on various websites, dicksportinggoods.com is where I purchased mine from a few years ago.

Trunk-It Golf Gear Organizer Case Black

8)  Odyssey Marxman Putting Cup

I was given this as a gift a few years ago, and have to tell you at work it is a life saver.  If you have a Golfer lover that works in an office atmosphere, this is the perfect gift.  I can’t count how many times I’ve had to take a long phone conference and used this practice cup, the ball automatically returns allowing you to stay around your phone and practice putting at the same time.  You can find this product all over the internet for about $29, as well as many other automatic ball return putting cups at similar prices.

Odyssey Marxman Putting Cup - Dick's Sporting Goods

9) Neverbend Putter Grips

If you have a golfer with back problems in your life the Neverbend Putter Grip might save his or her golf game, this grip is a high quality putter grip that has a built in suction cup on the end.  Therefore the golfer does not have to bend over to pick up the ball once they make their putt but just use the end of the grip.  For people with bad backs or other health issues, this will allow them to use all their energy on their game and not on bending over and hurting there back.  You can pick these up for $15 at Neverbend’s website HERE.  We will be doing a review of this grip shortly, and have done two different giveaways recently.

Never Bend Grips

10) Suntek Wind Cheater Umbrella 

A lot of golf umbrella’s are expensive, that is why I think this Suntek Umbrella is a steal at $30, whether you are using it to block the sun or the rain this works perfectly.  The umbrella is made by ProActive sports and can be found on various golf merchandise websites.    This is a full size 68″ umbrella that will keep you dry in the heaviest of rains, we will be posting a review of this umbrella in the near future as well.

umbrellaWe feel these 10 products are your best buys for under $30 as golf presents for the Golf lover in your life.  We would love to hear of any products you have found for under $30 that every golfer must have, feel free to share your finds in the comments below.

Don’t forget you can purchase AGG stickers from our website HERE, and help spread the word of the Golf Website Designed For You, The Weekend Golfer!



More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Kenny Giannini Putter.  Chris who is 31 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who just turned two and loves to go the course with her daddy, and enjoy the wildlife as well as riding in the carts.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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