Callaway – Razr X Black Driver

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Chris Conley


Today I had the opportunity to demo the Callaway Razr X Black Driver ; this club has been on the market since the beginning of this year but this is the first chance I had to actually hit the club.  The first thing you notice when looking at the is the deep black paint job that makes it really stand out; Callaway uses a process called Physical Vapor Deposition to get the rich black color on the club and make it aesthetically appealing.  The model I demoed was the 9.5° model with a Fujikura Motore F8 stiff shaft, which worked well aesthetically with the black club head.  When first looking at and swinging the club, the club head seems to be smaller but after reading the specs it is a 460cc club face making it the same size as most of its competitors.  Callaway uses the term Streamlined Surface Technology and I think this is what makes the club look smaller than other drivers on the market, the black color along with the contours of the club give it a very sleek almost smaller look.   Callaway uses Forged Composite (Carbon Fiber) to reinforce the club head and allow for precise control of the club head thickness.  After taking a few practice swings with this club, I felt like my club head speed was faster than with my current R11 driver.  The Razr X Black is not an adjustable club like a lot of other new drivers on the market and comes 1 degree open on the 9.5 and 10 degree models standard, even though if you put the club head square on the ground it looks closed it is in fact 1 degree open.  Once I started hitting balls with this, I felt I could hit the ball dead straight and about 280 with little to no effort at all; out of about my first 30 balls I didn’t have one hit that I would consider a mishit with the club and I always made solid contact.  In my opinion, this club is good for players of all handicaps, however if you have a slower swing speed, the weight and design of this club might leave you lacking a little power of the bigger heavier drivers on the market.  However if you have a moderate to fast swing speed, this club will improve your game.


The best part of this club is the weighting in my opinion; it cuts through the air on your swing and makes solid contact launching the ball every time.  I have been known to like the new white look of the TaylorMade drivers out there, but the carbon fiber black on this club makes it look futuristic and makes it stand out from other black drivers on the market.


There is no adjust-ability with this club, while I normally never change the loft on my R11, I do like the face closed as I have a fade that involves into a slice with anything else.  So this club coming standard 1 degree open would hurt me if I didn’t know to play my shot with that in mind.

Wrap Up

Great club at a price that is more affordable then other drivers on the market; this club will improve your game if making solid contact with your driver is a problem.  I would be shocked if after hitting this club it didn’t add distance to your drives.