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magicbus Molhimawk was born in 2009, at the famous Olympic Club in San Francisco, during a post round cocktail. Two Northern California golfers, neither excited about the direction of the golf apparel industry combined with their mutual love for the game of golf, they decided to start their own brand - a NorCal Golf-Meets-Surf brand centered around fashion-forward golf bags. For the first year of their existence they struggled to come up with a name for the company, that would represent the argyle and bright colors they wanted to use their in bags. They decided on Molhimawk and the Albatross logo with an argyle pattern and things took off. Molhimawk makes high quality golf bags that bring life and color back to your foursome, they have since released a line of shirts and hats, with their eye popping logo, and we will be reviewing those in the coming weeks for you as well.Check Out the Full Review Here
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