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I Need the Ball

I Need The Ball – Golf Ball Review

I am not sure about the rest of you but with me and my buddies, the conversation of we should make our own Golf Balls has come up before, and it was nothing more than a fun conversation over a few beers on the 19th hole. However for Josh, Steve and Glen the founders of I Need The Ball, that conversation turned into one of the most affordable high performance golf balls on the market. It is hard to break into the Golf Ball market successfully and if you try you better have a good product, and I Need the Ball certainly has that; they have combined the length of a distance ball with the soft feel of a tour ball, all for $35 a dozen. Here at Average Guy Golf, we love reviewing the big name brands and trying their new products, but when we find a small company, offering an incredible product at a price all of us Average Guy's can afford, well it most definitely does not get any better than that. A lot of people think if you want a high quality ball you have to have a Titleist, Bridgestone, Nike or Callaway in your hand, all costing you well over $40 a dozen. If you can get over needing the name brand golf balls that you see plastered every where on golf telecasts and at your local golf shop, check out I Need the Ball and save yourself money and strokes all while adding distance and feel.Check Out the Full Review Here
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