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Monsta – Monsta Golf Ball Review

In a flooded market with new Golf Balls popping up everyday, and the big hitters promising longer, straighter, softer balls every year, how do you stand out from the pack? How about naming your product Monsta and throwing a mean looking Green Monster Eye Ball as your logo on the ball? That's exactly what Monsta golf did, who launched their golf ball to the public for sale on July 21st, and seem to have been welcomed with open arms by many in the golf world. While many are excited about a new premium 3 piece golf ball that is affordable, some are put off by the name, and think the ball is yet another gimmick in a long line of gimmicks in the golfing industry. Here at AGG we put it through our test, our way, no scientific numbers we put the ball in play against similar golf balls and based our opinion that way.Check Out the Full Review Here
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