billige forbrukslån på dagen | forbrukslån | billige forbrukslån på dagen


As I sit here at my desk, watching from above as Chicago fights a losing battle against the Polar Vortex, I find my mind wandering to a better time, a warmer time. A time when I’m standing behind a teed-up white ball, driver in-hand, gazing down a lush, green fairway. I close my eyes and can see it perfectly. But what golf course am I on? I close my eyes a little harder and really concentrate. Of course…it’s Bonnie. That’s how the locals refer to her. We’re all on a first name basis with her. Local A: “Where’d ya shoot?” Local B: “Bonnie.” For me, Bonnie holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I learned I could be intimidated by water. It’s where my brother and I learned how to bypass the governor of a golf cart. It’s where I carded my first birdie. It’s where I snapped my first pitching wedge across my knee. It’s the golf course I grew up on.Check Out the Full Review Here
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