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Cobra – AMP Irons

Written ByChris Conley


I have been looking for a chance to hit all Iron sets as I want to purchase a new set and have been trying and demoing everything I can to help me make the right decision.  Yesterday, I got to demo the new Cobra AMP Irons and run through all the clubs in the set (4-GW).  Cobra advertises these irons as game improvement irons, but I believe they are more equipped for a lower handicap (14 and under) player; when you hit these clubs true they work incredibly but they are prone to miss hits for the higher handicap (more inconsistent) golfer.  When you first pick up the club, it feels great and has a great weight to it, and after my first few hits with the 7-Iron I thought I was going to fall in love with these clubs.  I was averaging about 170 yards and a 109 ball speed, with the 7-Iron which is right about average for most Irons I have been hitting.  After about 20 shots with different clubs, one thing I found is the clubs don’t tell you much; what I mean by that is on my miss hits the club felt the same as on my perfect contact hits.  So the club isn’t very perceptive in my opinion to game improvement because all shots feel the same no matter if it is off the toe, heel or perfect; even though the result is far different.  Some game improvement irons on the market help compensate for miss hits, but I feel like the AMP irons actually could hinder a higher handicaps game a little because he/she couldn’t tell what they are doing wrong from the feel of the club.  The design of the club is great, it has the look of a forged iron, but the technology of a cavity back iron and the orange standard grips and orange accent on the irons club heads make it stand out.  The sole of the club is called the “V-Sole” by Cobra and is one of the nicest parts of the iron making almost any lie playable with the irons.


The look of this club is the biggest pro to me, there are a lot of traditionalist out there who don’t like the change in golf to bright colors on clubs and the young game it is becoming but I personally love it.   I think it is great that you can play with three buddies and everyone of your clubs are different looking and suit your game and style.  I also like that these clubs give you more a forged club look making the irons look sleek, some game improvement irons on the market are bulky looking and the whole set looks more like hybrids then irons.  The “v-sole” really makes all lies playable and helps you get out of the rough with this club.


I really don’t think these clubs should be considered game improvement clubs, and maybe they will work for you but for me I would consider them more for a player who is consistent and wants to take his/her game to the next level.  The feedback you get on miss hits in my opinion is minimal, making it hard to figure out what you are doing wrong.  When you make good contact, these clubs are great but the higher handicap players out there struggle with consistent contact and I feel there are better game improvement irons on the market that will allow them to learn what they are doing wrong.

Wrap Up

Overall these clubs are flashy and sleek looking and I love that about them.  I would consider them for myself but would try and shy away any higher handicap player wanting to use these irons.

Cobra AMP Irons
Like TaylorMade Cobra is an innovator in making bright colorful clubs that make a statement and they definitely do it with these irons.
Personally they worked well for me but I could see them being an issue for a beginner or higher handicap player.
The base steel shaft set will run you about $699 which is average for a name brand set of irons on the market today.
I would recommend this irons for the intermediate golfer who wants to take their game to the next level and already has a consistent swing and consistent ball contact.

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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 3.8/5 (5 votes cast)
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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 3.8/5 (5 votes cast)