Cobra Trusty Rusty 55-degree Wedge 1

Written By: Chris Conley

Are you a watch junkie like myself?  I have a ton of watches, from dress watches to colored watches that stand out; but all of them are very uncomfortable to wear while golfing.  As a right handed golfer, I cannot have anything rigid on my left wrist or my wrist is uncomfortable during my swing.   I have even gone as far as trying the GPS golf watches, which work really well just are very uncomfortable to me and make me think more about the discomfort of my wrist than than my actual swing.  One day around NFL draft time, I was checking out, my favorite NFL team (No Jokes!) and noticed Stevie Johnson wearing a very slim, what seemed to be rubber styled watch in one of the interviews on the site.  I went on a search and found that he was one of the athletes that represents Deuce Brand watches, and upon checking out the line-up of their current G2 series watch, I realized they would be great for the game of golf.

I enjoy, and have gotten fairly skilled at, hitting the flop-shot. I’ve been told previously that a 60-degree wedge is not usually recommended for players of higher handicaps, since they can be harder to control with such an open face. I went to my local Golf Galaxy and found the rep that helped fit my irons and driver, and he showed me the Trusty Rusty and the uniqueness of the club head. For lack of better terms, it has an “indent” just below the bounce area of the club, which allows the user to open the face (making it act like a 60-degree) and have it rest comfortably and not wobble on the ground (to understand what I mean, next time you use your SW, open the face and you’ll see that it still sits “up” a little). This makes the club very versatile, as it can act as both a 55-degree and a 60-degree wedge, all in one club; I was sold instantly. When I was first able to test it on the range, I was immediately impressed with the feel. The ball gets up very easily, and has been nothing but accurate. The club is not heavier than normal, but you can feel the club head as it passes thru your downswing and then upon impact of the ball, which results in a very smooth shot. After hitting several with full-swings, I opened up the club face to test the rear scallop (as it’s officially called), and just as advertised it rests very comfortably and lets the user swipe under the ball a la the flop, and have the ball stay in line with where you’re aiming. If you are looking for a SW that has some versatility while providing excellent accuracy, I recommend trying this one. Most new wedges are priced in the low $100s – $120 – this one was at the high-end at $119, but was on sale at the time I purchased it and I got it for $99. It can be purchased either as a 51-, 55-, or 59-degree; the scallop opens each face about 4-degrees.