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Driver: TaylorMade R11S-TP

I bought the R11S based on recommendations from Golf Galaxy staff, after telling them my playing style and them seeing my swing. I needed a club with a heavier head, and since I don’t have any issues getting under the ball, I did not need one with a lot of loft. I also liked the ability to tune the club several ways. Because my swing speed averages about 108mph, I had to get the TourPro version of the R11S. The TP version comes with an x-flex shaft, and a slightly heavier head. I had it shortened 1” to 44.5”, and while I hit it great on the simulator, I’ve gone back to my fade/slice. I have it set on C (1.5-degrees closed), to help control it, but the main issue is my swing. The club feels very nice when hitting it clean, and I like the look of the white clubhead. The ball really does launch upon impact, due to the 460cc face.


TaylorMade RBZ 3W: I first tested the R11S 3W, but upon trying this one I was sold instantly. I could feel a much cleaner strike on the ball, and (for me at least) I added almost 40yds (topped at about 280) and reduced the spray to virtually nothing. I haven’t been able to hit it much on the fairway, but when I have I get a very good shot on it and the ball accelerates off the face going very long. I’ve teed off with this a couple of times, and have out-hit my playing partners who were using driver. All the talk about this club is true…highly recommended.


TaylorMade RBZ, +1/2”, extra-stiff shafts, 5-PW, 3-4 hybrids: I got fitted for these clubs after speaking to several different reps at Golf Galaxy and Dicks, as well as consulting the teaching pro I’ve been working with. I never have an issue with getting underneath the ball, so a set like the Callaway RazorX’s were immediately ruled out. I am still getting used to hitting the hybrids, but they have a very good feel when I do connect with the ball; they are also very useful out of the rough as rescue clubs if your ball is sitting up a little. The RBZs have a very large sweet-spot, and I rarely miss-hit the ball; if I do, it’s because of a poor swing. I have added distance, and they are very accurate. So, if accuracy is what you need, I would look into these clubs.


Cobra Trusty Rusty 55-degree SW; Cleveland ZipGroove 52-degree GW: Each of these clubs has a unique benefit that I really like about them. The GW has “zip grooves” which are illegal on the PGA Tour, but not for amateurs. The reason for the ban is because the grooves give such added spin to the ball, pros can stop it on a dime and it would make scoring much easier. However, for us average golfers, the club is perfectly legal, and why not get an extra advantage? I’ve yet to have the ball roll-back 15ft like the pros can, but I have gotten it to just stop instead of having it roll beyond the landing spot like my other wedges used to. The Trusty Rusty is great because it has an “indent” on the bounce area of the club that allows you to rest it comfortably on its side opening up the face to act like a 60-dedgree wedge. This is handy if you like to do flop shots, which I thoroughly enjoy and have gotten very good at. These may be my two favorite clubs in my bag right now.


Odyssey 2-Ball: This is the only non-new club in my bag, as I got it as a Christmas present about 3.5yrs ago. It is a great putter, and the feel of the ball coming off the club is very smooth, which makes getting your tempo down much easier. It is very easy to get a good strike on the ball, so sometimes not much effort is needed.


Standard/default grips for each club. I have not changed these out at all, but may depending on how I feel out my new clubs over the course of this season.


I’m just now starting to learn the particulars of the different ball-types, but with swing speeds in excess of 100mph, I tend to favor harder compression balls that do not produce much spin. This allows me to maintain distance while staying accurate, since more often than not, more spin for us average golfers turns into side-spin, which results in the ball going left or right; anything but accurate. Currently, I have the Bridgestone e7s, which run about $26/box. I would like to try the B330s, but can’t convince myself to fork over the $44 for a box. I am also going to try the Srixon Q-Star balls, as I’ve heard & read they are harder compression that are also low spin for better accuracy.

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