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Daniel Duncan0

Age: 23
Location: Springfield, Massachusettes
Position: Writer/Reviewer
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From a young age I had always been somewhat interested in golf. I started going to a local par 3 course with my grandfather when I was in middle school and eventually I started playing legitimate par 70-72 courses with him. As other friends started picking the game I played with them as well. I was never very good. I had issues getting the ball in the air and I struggled just to finish an 18 hole round without becoming overly frustrated. Because of this I stopped playing all throughout high school.

Shortly after I began college a friend of mine encouraged me to pick the game back up. I reluctantly agreed to play a round with him and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I was able to appreciate the game much more than I had ever been able to. I viewed the game as a 4 hour escape from reality and I found it very relaxing no matter how I was hitting the ball. With my increased amount of play came greater consistency. Every year I was able to shave a couple more strokes off my scores and I know sit around the mid 90’s most days.

I’m always looking for new courses in the area to play, which can be a difficult task for a weekend golfer that isn’t looking to break the bank every time he plays a round. I have learned to appreciate the designs and quirks of every course I play and whenever I take to the tee at a new course I feel a sense of excitement that is almost indescribable.

It’s safe to say golf has become a large part of my life. I try to schedule my weekends around playing, and I’m just now starting to play a bit more during the week. Improving my game has become a bit of an obsession, and I hope I can continue on the path I’m on now.

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