Deuce – G2 Sports Watch 1

Written By: Chris Conley

deuce Are you a watch junkie like myself?  I have a ton of watches, from dress watches to colored watches that stand out; but all of them are very uncomfortable to wear while golfing.  As a right handed golfer, I cannot have anything rigid on my left wrist or my wrist is uncomfortable during my swing.   I have even gone as far as trying the GPS golf watches, which work really well just are very uncomfortable to me and make me think more about the discomfort of my wrist than than my actual swing.  One day around NFL draft time, I was checking out, my favorite NFL team (No Jokes!) and noticed Stevie Johnson wearing a very slim, what seemed to be rubber styled watch in one of the interviews on the site.  I went on a search and found that he was one of the athletes that represents Deuce Brand watches, and upon checking out the line-up of their current G2 series watch, I realized they would be great for the game of golf.


A little back story on Deuce Brand Watches before I get into the actual watch, Deuce came from the term of being number 2, the Under Dog, the Cinderella story.  I love that attitude.  Deuce is a Southern California based company and that reflects in their style, and products.  The G2 which I reviewed, is a what they refer to as a watch that can go from your board (surf or skate) to the court; you can go from action sports to the gymnasium and feel comfortable doing it with the G2 watch on.  I would add that you can go from the course to the conference room as well.  In a day with the silicon “Livestrong” type bracelets, the G2 takes that look to the next level allowing you to take your watch with you no matter your activity .


Now to the G2, made of silicon, this watch is very comfortable and you hardly notice it on your wrist at all.  I hate being on the course and whipping out  my cell phone to figure out what time it is because my watch is to uncomfortable to wear on the course.  The G2 is low profile and fits like a bracelet, the silicon stretches as your wrist bends at different points during your swing.  Also their is no real watch head (it’s built into the silicon), like on regular watches, when you bend your wrists the face of the watch doesn’t press against the back of your hand.  While the G2 is designed for action sports in mind, I believe it is a perfect accessory for the golf course.  The watches come in 5 sizes ranging from 14.5cm’s to 19cm’s, the Large 18cm watch fits me but I wish I would have have with the Extra Larage.  With golf fashion at the forefront today where shoes have to match the belt and hat, why not throw another burst of color into the mix and match a watch with all that as well.  Stylish, Comfortable, Practical and Affordable.  I’m Sold!

One quick note, the G2 is an amazing product but pictures of the G3 which is set to hit shelves on August 30th look awesome, I can’t wait to try that watch out.