Eisenhower Golf Course 1

Written By: Chris Conley


Eishenhower Golf Course, located in Crownsville Maryland, is managed by Billy Casper Golf and offers a fun and challenging experience. On Saturday morning of Memorial day weekend, I decided to play around in the Annapolis area; that is the only regret I have of the day. The course was slammed, and our round ended up coming in at just under 6 hours, which is a long round but the course made up for the slow play as it was fun and in great condition. On weekends the normal rate is about $59 which isn’t to high for a weekend round of golf, we found a much better deal on golfnow.com, and got there early to hit balls on the range. Eishenhower was built in 1969, and has been a par 71 since being built, archtech Ed Ault, shaped the course that was made up of 220 acres of wooded landscape.


The clubhouse of Eisenhower consist of small snack shop that serves hot sandwiches, snacks and cold drinks, a large dinning area that would work great for hosting a tournament at the course, and a small pro shop. The pro shop isn’t big but does offer balls, hats, shirts, as well as some of the latest clubs on the market. When checking out we were asked if we wanted a bucket of balls, so we learned that this was like most public courses and you had to pay per bucket; so $6 later I had about 25 balls to warm up with. We headed down to the range, and started warming up; the range had about 15 mat areas for players to warm up on, I could see on a busy weekend day there being a wait to get to the range. I was able to hit all shots on the range as the range extended out about 225 yards, and ended with a big net that blocked balls from going onto hole 11′s fariway. So you could hit your driver, and if it flew farther than 225 yards it would hit the net but it was good enough to know the ball flight and distance the shot would have gone. After the range we headed up to the putting/chipping green that sat right behind tee box number 1 and 10. It seems now-a-days most courses have both a putting and chipping green, so not to disturb the putters by chipping into them but Eisenhower just had one large green for both. We had no issues practicing our chipping while others were putting, but I could see at times it being to busy to practice chipping. The course was in good condition, and the greens seems to be well taken care of and putted smooth and fast. There were areas of the fairway, where you would find a few weeds or random tall grass sticking up here and there but overall this course was in good condition. The tee box you could tell were heavily use but that is the nature of such a busy course.

Back Nine (Our Front Nine):

am not sure why, and never really heard an explanation but for whatever reason on the weekends Eishenhower has golfers start on the back nine first then play the front nine second. Hole 10 is a straight forward 398 yard par 4, with trees on the right and left of the fairway. Your approach shot will have to be accurate as this green is guarded on both sides and the back by bunkers. Hole 11 is a slight dog leg right par 4, measuring at 373 yards with water lining the right hand side and bunkers guarding the green on three sides. On number 11 you will want to try and be in the left hand side of the fairway to get a good angle into the green, so you don’t have to play your approach over a bunker. Hole 12 is a severe dog leg right par 5, measuring at 452 yards, water lines the first half of this fairway on the right. Once you get to where this hole dog legs, there is a small ravine that cuts across the fairway; you can try and hit over this ravine and make this hole reachable in two but you will need to hit a drive that can carry 240 yards as well as fade or draw to the right depending if you are right or left handed. If you lay up your are looking at about 220 yards to the green that has two deep bunkers on the front sides. Most likely you will be playing to reach this green in three and hope for a make able birdie putt. Hole 13 is a long par 3, with environmental area in front of you and a lake to the right of the green; measuring at about 195 yards you will need a long iron or a wood to reach this green that has bunkers on both sides of the green. Hole 14, is another par 5 for the guys and a long par 4 for the ladies; this hole is long and straight measuring at 526 yards with a narrow fairway and woods lining both sides and the back of this green. This is another par 5 which probably isn’t reachable by many in two; you can really attack this green with your third shot and get a good look at birdie as this green is very flat for the most part. Hole 15 is a moderate sized par 3, and comes in at 156 yards with trees and environmental areas covering the right hand side. If you are going to get a low score on this course this hole is on you can’t mess up on, there are bunkers around the green but you should be able to fire at the pin and get away with a par at least. Hole 16 is the third par 5 on the back nine of Eishenhower, making the back nine much harder than the front nine. If you can hit a cut shot with your driver you can hit driver off the tee, if not due to a dog leg right covered by trees, you may have to hit a fairway wood off the tee box. Once you get around the turn on the dog leg this hole is straight and covered by trees on both sides into a green with bunkers again on both the left, right and behind. Hole 17 is another longer par 3, coming in at 187 yards into a green with deep bunkers on all sides. You’ll want to stay to the left of this tee box as some of the bigger trees, start to over hang the right hand side of this tee box making it hard to hit a high tee shot to land softly into this green. Hole 18, is a dog leg right par for coming in at about 380 yards. Your tee shot on this hole is downhill and your approach shot is back up hill into a raised green with bunkers in the front. If you try to cut the dog leg to close on this hole you will be left having to chip out under the trees that jet out from the right. Your safest play is to aim for the left hand side of this fairway, it will make your second shot a little longer but you will have no trees to deal with. I ended up shooting a 47 on the back, and couldn’t believe the score was that low after adding it up; I took multiple penalty strokes for lost balls, as woods, water and environmental areas are the keywords on the back nine at Eisenhower.

Front Nine (Our Back Nine):

After a quick hot dog and some gatorade to help beat the heat, we headed out to tee box number 1 to start our back nine. I knew after shooting a 47 but pure luck, that the front nine had to better or I wouldn’t be happy with my score at all. Hole 1 is a straight forward par 4, measuring at 381 yards, the fairway is pretty wide but trees line the left and right of this hole with bunkers surrounding the green. Hole 2 is another straight forward par 4, measuring at 372 yards, with woods lining the fairways again. The key to this hole is your approach big bunkers surround this hole and about 5 steps behind this green is woods, so if you hit your approach long you are dealing with a lost ball, short and you are in a bunker. Hole 3 is a blind tee shot par 4, where the fairway disappears over a hill and generally do not know where your tee shot ends up just the general direction. You want to stay left on this hole, as the right side as three long fairway bunkers, environmental area and woods. If you hit your tee shot to far you could end up in thick rough in a gully before the green, a 3 or 5 wood aimed at the left side of the fairway would be ideal for this hole. The is large, and has some bend to it so try and leave yourself on the same part of the green as the flag stick. Hole 4 is one of the hardest holes on the course, as it is long and straight with obstacles everywhere, measuring at 395 yards this hole could add a big number to your score card. Your best bet is to try and aim to the left side of the fairway, there is a lone tree that sits just behind the fairway and being anywhere near that tree, even in the rough, will allow you the best angle for your second shot. The right hand side of this fairway has a long fairway bunker, as well as the fairway is slanted so most balls that land on this side will trickle down into the rough making for a long second shot out of the rough with very little angle to the green. Hole 5 is the shortest par 3 on the course, measuring at 147 yards with bunkers in the front and woods only a few steps off the back of this green. You should be able to attack this green, with a short iron and come away with a good score but if you do miss hit your tee shot there is trouble everywhere you look on this hole. Hole 6 was a severe dog left par 4, but the first section of fairway had some major drainage issues so while it is under repair they have turned this hole into a short par 3. Basically you drive to the point where the bridge takes you over the ravine where the dog leg begins and there is a temporary tee box set up to play from. I remember this hole being hard from playing in the past, so I wasn’t to disappointed about it being a par 3. It played at about 155 yards, into a narrow green with bunkers on both sides. Hole 7 is the only par 5 on the front nine, and measures in at 499 yards, so not many people are reaching this in two. The green is elevated and the fairway is narrow and surrounded by trees so accuracy is the key to this hole. Hole 8 is a long par 3 over an environmental area, with a bunker in the front and to the left of the green. Measuring at about 185 yards this hole feels like it plays longer, and is a very challenging shot. Hole is a fun finishing hole that brings you back to the club house, measuring at 374 yards with trees on both sides of the fairway. The fairway is wider one this hole than most of the holes on the front nine so put it in play and be prepared for a hard approach shot. Your approach shot is uphill, into a small green with bunkers on the sides and deep grass bunker behind the green. I knew I was playing decent on the front but wasn’t sure of my score and thought no way I’d be in the 80′s for the day but I shot a 42 and slid in at an 89 for the day.

Wrap Up:

I really enjoyed Eisenhower, they have a great mix of a elevation and style of holes. There are a lot of wooded areas of this course, that make accuracy a key part to score low, but each hole has a unique feel. If you do play on a weekend, just be prepared for a slower round as it is the only true public course in the immediate Annapolis area.