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Driver and Woods

Driver: Taylor-Made R11 9 Degree – I bought my R11 used from Dukes Golf, about 3 months ago and have been nothing but pleased.  If you ever need a new club but just can’t afford it, go talk to Corky at Dukes Golf in Annapolis, they have a ton of excellent condition used clubs and it helps to make the game affordable for all players and skill levels.  The one thing I was skeptical about on this club was the fujikura extra stiff shaft.  I was used to hitting my old R5 with a stiff shaft, and it took a little getting used to.  The end result seems to be my slice is now more of a gentle fade and the ball goes much farther.  I haven’t hit the new R11s but I would recommend the R11 to any golfer looking for more distance and control.  Just the other day playing a 480 yard Par 5, after my drive all I needed was an 8 iron to get to the green.  It was by far my longest drive ever and dead straight, those are the shots that make you keep coming back.

5-Wood: Taylor-Made R5 Steel Shaft – I used to have both the 3 and 5 wood R5, however I found that it was pointless having both clubs in my bag because they 5 wood did it all for me.  I can hit it as far as most people hit their 3 wood and as high as most people hit their 7 wood.  So this really is my do all club, I can rip it if I need be but also land it softly and take out the roll.  This club was the hardest to learn to hit for me, but once I got it down, I call it my favorite club.  The steel shaft on a wood was something I had not seen before, but after hitting other woods with stiff graphite shafts the steel is perfect for me.


3-PW: Taylor-Made RAC HT Irons Steel Shaft – I purchased these irons as a set on E-Bay, mostly because at the time I needed a bag to and it all came as one with a putter.  I am so glad I made the purchase, the Irons seem to be weighted perfectly and I rarely if ever have a miss hit with them.  The ball seems to jump off the club and has a higher softer ball flight, while not losing any distance, then other irons I have hit.  I have thought about getting new irons over the years but then I play and like the way these still feel and hit.  Before I bought “name brand” clubs, I had always heard Ping made the best Irons and Callaway made the best driver, but nothing has felt more comfortable then the Taylor Mades for me.


SW: I currently do not own a Sand Wedge and I am looking for a good affordable one, will update once that is found.  Many people wonder how I play with out one, and its simple.  I have 60 degree LW that I use for all my sand shots, and I like to play bump and runs and pitches around the greens as opposed to higher shots.  I do want one specifically for chipping over a bunker or water hazard but besides that I won’t use if very often.

LW: Callway X Series 60 Lob Wedge – As I mentioned above this club rarely comes out of my bag unless their is sand involved.  Out of the sand I am great with this club but out of the grass I am the picture of inconsistency.  I can never judge the right distance with this club no matter how hard I practice with it.


Odyssey: Blade – my putter is about 5 years old, but still works good for me.  I like the weight and length of the putter as I can look down over the ball and still make a good putt.  I recently added an extra fat grip, which seems to keep my hands steady and making my putts run straighter.


Woods and Irons: Iomic Sticky Golf Grips – I purchased these grips and had them installed by Dukes Golf, I wanted something that was very tacky but affordable and I came across these at about $4.50 a grip.  I have played about 10 rounds with them now and I am still very pleased, they are soft and sticky and allow for a lite grip on them and the club won’t move.  I alternated clubs with red and blue grips, as they didn’t have enough of either in stock, but I actually like the look at the end of the day.

Putter: Tiger Shark Jumbo Putter Grip – I bought this grip about two years ago after using a friends, and liking the feel.  The putter almost seems to glide in your hand, instead of your hands having to do all the work.  This grip has made my putts roll much smoother and straighter.


Taylor-Made RBZ: I have tried everything under the sun, and I will still use what ever ball I have, as opposed to spending money on them.  However I did try these, and have to say I seemed to hit the ball farther and straighter with them.  They also still have a nice soft feel while around the greens.

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