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Garb Inc – Clothing for Young People

Written By: Chris Conley

One of the biggest inquiries we receive at Average Guy Golf is our thoughts on Junior equipment or products for kids, a lot of our readers love taking their little ones out to the course with them as much as I love taking my daughter Taylor.  If you follow us on social media, you have seen Taylor on the course with me and she enjoys every second of it; however it was always hard to dress her like she belonged on the golf course because you just don’t find golf polo’s for girls at every store.   So when I heard about Garb Inc, I reached out to their Marketing Manager Tyler Silvia and he was happy to send over some products to test out, and believe me a three year old who never sits down can test out clothing very quickly.

About Garb Inc

Founded in 1996 by Joe Silvia, Garb is the original junior golf apparel brand, on Joe’s belief that kids wanted and deserved a brand to call their own.   Before 1996 there was no junior golf apparel market, after Garb launched, it created a category that is now booming, Joe and Garb were the start of that.   Joe’s idea was simple, to keep the game popular and growing you have to start with our youth and he wanted to make sure they had stylish and quality apparel to wear on the course.   Joe started Garb in his basement in Evergreen Colorado and has since moved to Denver and become the first choice of USGA and PGA of America for Junior apparel.   Garb is now the primary Junior Golf apparel of the US Open, PGA Championship and  Ryder Cup since 2001, solidifying them as the best junior apparel brand on the market and the originators of the category.    Garb has a simple idea and it works, talk to kids, listen to kids, find out what kids like in clothing apparel for the course and produce high quality golf apparel for juniors based of what the kids tell them.

“The game is evolving. It’s no longer just for retired people and business men. The youth are taking over. Embrace it. They are the future of the game. So practice like you mean it; get another bucket, walk another 18. Be young, have fun, make us proud. ” Joe Silvia

About Garb’s Clothing

From Golf Polo’s, Funny Golf T-Shirts, Shorts/Skirts, Outerwear to Hats Garb has everything you need for the little golfer in your family to look stylish and still be comfortable on the course.  For testing purposes Tyler at Garb Inc, sent over a Chloe skirt and Alexis golf polo for my daughter, and a Trevor golf polo and Phelps golf shorts for a friend’s son to test out.

The Chloe Skirt and Alexis Polo that Taylor, my daughter, tested are both 92% polyester and 8% spandex and quite possibly the softest golf apparel I’ve ever felt.   They are incredibly soft and a very light material so even on the hottest of days, Taylor was cool and comfortable, and of course stylish.  This seems like such a minor detail but something I found extremely impressive, beside Garb the few items of golf clothing I found for Taylor didn’t have pockets and were a much heavier material.   With the Garb skirt Taylor had two front pockets and a back pocket, and while she is only 3 1/2 the fact she could carry her own ball and tee (she only putts but always has to have a tee with her), was the biggest deal in the world to her little eyes.   She acted like she was so grown up because she didn’t have to ask daddy for her ball or have to remember to get it out of the cart when we got to the green.  While this is a small detail it sums up the Garb Inc philosophy perfectly, these clothes are all about the kids, the kids pick the designs and the clothing in return gives them the freedom to stand out on the course that other junior apparel doesn’t.

The Trevor golf polo is made of 100% performance polyester and if you closed your eyes and felt the material you would think you had an adult Under Armour performance shirt in your hands.  The Phelps shorts are comfortable, breathable and stylish and come with a draw string on the inside to help give all kids the perfect fit.

The website shows that sizes for everything start at 5-6 for juniors and go into adult sizes for when the juniors hit their teenage years, however the products I tested were 4T, so I am waiting on clarification on how people can order the 4T clothing as well as what is on their website, I will update when I hear back.


From what I’ve found (I only have one kid so what do I know though) kids just wanted to be treated with a little respect and allowed to make “big people” decision.  Garb Inc, as a company reflects this perfectly, they ask kids what they want and produce it in a stylish and high quality product.  Growing the game is important, enjoying time with your kids on the course finding a solace and joy in a game both you and your kid love is a great way to start growing the game; your kids will love the game that much more if they get to pick out their own on the course style, the best way to do that is to head over to Garb’s website and let them pick out a few items that fit their personal style for your next trip to the course with them.   Taylor loves her outfit so much that she picks it out to wear to daycare, the park and even wanted to wear it to the pool, Garb’s clothes are comfortable and stylish and not just for the course, your little one can make their own fashion statement in Garb clothing wherever their heart desires.   The pricing is very affordable the clothing is high quality and will last but the biggest thing are the fun designs that all kids will love.

Head over to Garb’s website and pick out some items for the little golfer in your life and watch them enjoy the course even that much more.  Taylor walks around my local course like a rock star now because everyone tells her how cute she looks.  Check out Garb’s site HERE




Garb Inc - Clothing for Young People
You could almost consider them the loudmouth for junior golfers, fun bright designs that all kids will love
Everything we tested was light weight and breathable and perfect for the course
Prices vary but all are very resonable
Taylor loves her outfit so much that she picks it out to wear to daycare, the park and even wanted to wear it to the pool, Garb's clothes are comfortable and stylish and not just for the course, your little one can make their own fashion statement in Garb clothing wherever their heart desires.

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.


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