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HIRZLOn Friday here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the calendar said May 23rd but it felt like a cold windy March day, with patches of rain coming through as well.  On a normal day, when asked to play golf, I would look at my buddies and ask if they were crazy; however on this day, I had just received the HIRZL Trust Control to review.  I have heard that these gloves are great in the rain and I figured what better way to test it then try it myself.  After spending an hour on the range testing the glove, in a dry patch of the day, I found the glove to be incredibly tacky.  The glove fits well, breathes great and a tackiness feel to the palm that I don’t think the world’s strongest man could pull a club out of my hand.  Once we approached the first tee, the skies opened up and it started raining at a pretty good rate; normally if it is raining like that I have a very thin towel I wrap around my grips that I then grip over to get ahold of the club.  However I took a practice swing with just the HIRZL Trust Control Glove and you would have thought it was a sunny dry day.  The round stayed wet for the entire front nine, and I never once had an issue with griping the club.  I would dry my right hand with a towel and never needed to dry the glove hand at all, the moisture beaded off the black Kangaroo leather material and I had a perfect grip every time.   On the back nine the sun came out and the day warmed up, I was starting to sweet which normally would lead to less than perfect shots because the club would slide a little in my hand; however with the HIRZL I had no problems in the humidity gripping the glove.   One other big thing that is an issue with me is I wear through the thumb in gloves very quickly, after one round and a few hours on the range the next day, this glove looks like it just came out of the package.  It is a very very durable glove.  While at around $25 depending where you buy it, seems high for a golf glove, I can tell you it will save me money in the long run.  I go through a glove about every 5 rounds, at about $12 a glove; this glove is crazy durable and should last much longer than that, saving money over time.

Look for our giveaway for a brand new HIRZL Trust Control Glove coming soon!!

HIRZL - Trust Control Glove
Very simple design but I like the black palm.
Perfect Grip regardless of the weather, temperature or conditions
A little more expensive than your average glove but will save you money over time.
Never thought I could be so impressed from something as simple as a golf glove but I definitely am.

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