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How To Break Your Golf Barrier

Tip Provided By: Golftec of Maryland

After almost three million lessons, we know a thing or two about golf improvement. With 95% of our clients experiencing lower scores, an improved swing or on-course success, we’re proud of growing Wall of Fame boards across the country. But, as in golf, sometimes the path to improvement has a few hazards to overcome.

There are three main barriers between golfers and lasting, consistent improvement. The first barrier comes when old habits stand in the way of a new swing. Clients who are beginning to implement swing changes might see their score go up or experience frustrating trips to the driving range. It’s true that sometimes you have to get a little bit worse before you get better. The second barrier might come after you’ve made progress, but are having trouble taking that improvement from the bay to the course. And finally, after you’ve broken the first two barriers, don’t you want to go even lower? Whether the next goal is hitting more greens in regulation, shooting another career round or finishing with no three-putts, the final barrier comes when you’re ready for the next level of improvement.

Whether you’re getting ready to take your first lesson or have already taken 25, GolfTEC can help you overcome whatever is stopping you from obtaining results. Below you’ll hear from GolfTEC clients who have broken each of the three barriers to improvement.

Abdul Azizi


Barrier #1: Sometimes you get worse before you get better. The road to lower scores can start out with some big speed bumps. GolfTEC Client Abdul Azizi has been taking lessons with Austen Millet at GolfTEC Millenia for nine months and can testify that making swing changes can be tough. Abdul said, “When I started with GolfTEC my average score was around 105. After my first few lessons I was a little concerned because my score had jumped up to 120+ and was struggling on the range and the course. With the positive reinforcement and perseverance from my coach and with GolfTEC’s proven approach I kept with it. Now 9 months later I am scoring in the 80’s with my sights set to break into the 70’s.”


Rick Hodges

Barrier #2: You’re struggling to take it to the course. At this point, you might have made some major swing changes but can’t translate the changes into lower scores on the course. It might feel like you’re hitting a brick wall, but this is a stage that many clients go through and overcome.

GolfTEC client Rick Hodges said, “At first the old habits I had formed stood in the way of executing what my coach Jeff Battin was trying to teach me. When I stalled after the first 2 months Jeff recommended that I focus my attention on the drills that he assigned after each biweekly lesson. Following those drills helped me break through and discover the joy of my new found swing.”


Ryan Dennis.png

Barrier #3: Getting better and going even lower. Whether that means shooting another career round, hitting more greens in regulation or winning a tournament, you’re setting new goals with your Coach. Or maybe you haven’t been in to see us for a while and have hit a plateau in your improvement on your own. No matter where you are in your game, talk to your Coach about revisiting your goals and get ready for the next level of improvement.

Ryan Dennis works with Pat Bernot at GolfTEC Easton in Columbus. Ryan has been one of Pat’s clients since January and had this to say about his game: I know there is much more to learn, but it is exciting to enjoy the game and see the results of our hard work start to pay off! My goal when I began taking lessons with you was to get from the mid-90’s to the mid-80’s and be competitive with my peers. I have hit the mid-80’s each of my last three rounds. I am really excited about my chipping – over the past six rounds I have chipped in three times!”


Margaret BrodieMargaret Brodie is a client of Patrick Lago’s at GolfTEC North Vancouver. When Margaret moved back to Vancouver from abroad, she was ready to golf more often than the sporadic round. Margaret said, “I decided the only way to actually feel confident in my game was to take a lesson. A series of lessons have worked for me so that I am building up my swing sequentially so I am not too overwhelmed each time I go on the course. The best thing about it is… it’s working!”

With hard work and great coaching, many GolfTEC clients do achieve their initial performance goals. For some, the improvement they see and feel is enough. For most, though, it’s only an appetizer for things to come. Taking their game to “the next level” is a natural step on the Proven Path to Proven Results.

Better golf is a journey, not a destination.

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