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I Need The Ball – Golf Ball Review

Written By: Chris Conley

20140324_102735I am not sure about the rest of you but with me and my buddies, the conversation of we should make our own Golf Balls has come up before, and it was nothing more than a fun conversation over a few beers on the 19th hole.   However for Josh, Steve and Glen the founders of I Need The Ballthat conversation turned into one of the most affordable high performance golf balls on the market.   It is hard to break into the Golf Ball market successfully and if you try you better have a good product, and I Need the Ball certainly has that; they have combined the length of a distance ball with the soft feel of a tour ball, all for $35 a dozen.  Here at Average Guy Golf, we love reviewing the big name brands and trying their new products, but when we find a small company, offering an incredible product at a price all of us Average Guy’s can afford, well it most definitely does not get any better than that.  A lot of people think if you want a high quality ball you have to have a Titleist, Bridgestone, Nike or Callaway in your hand, all costing you well over $40 a dozen. If you can get over needing the name brand golf balls that you see plastered every where on golf telecasts and at your local golf shop, check out I Need the Ball and save yourself money and strokes all while adding distance and feel.

The first thing you noticed when you receive your box of balls is the simple yet bold packing, the box is all black with a perforated I Need the Ball logo in the certain;  very reminiscent of Metallic’s black album for all your music lovers, which coincidentally also has a snake on the album cover.  To me the packing simply says, we don’t need flare and in your face packaging to sell our product (cough cough TaylorMade cough cough), we let our product speak for it’s self.   Once you pop open the box you will find 4 black sleeves of golf balls, but this is where things are a little different than other balls on the market.  Normally you crack open a box, you have a sleeve with the number 1, a sleeve with the number 2, and so on; with I Need the Ball you will not find a number anywhere on your ball.  I Need the Ball simply uses colors, each ball has their signature snake logo on both sides of the ball, on the inside of this logo it is filled with one of 4 colors, Maroon, Light Blue, Black and Green.  At first glance, I simply thought wow this is brilliant, why has no one done this ever before?  No more having to mark your ball with a sharpie, or put signature markings on your ball to identify it, no more trying to find the number on your ball while sitting in deep rough, simply look for a color, see the color and know it is your ball.  Besides the logo, a simple arrow is placed on the ball for aligning putts, making the design from packaging to the actual ball simple, not flashy yet very effective.

Here at AGG we do not have a launch monitor or any scientific way of showing you why I Need the Ball is the right ball for you; when we rate balls we simply play a few rounds with the ball and compare it to other balls, simple process much like the design of I Need the Ball.  I played a few rounds just to get used to the ball, but this review is written on my last round, in which I played two balls the Bridgestone B330s and I Need the Ball.  I have long been a Bridgestone over Titleist fan, mostly because I think in your hand the Bridgestone feels softer and more “tacky” than it’s Pro V1 counter part.  I Need the Ball, feels a lot like the Bridgestone, and more than a few times on the course, I had both balls in my pocket and couldn’t tell the difference when trying to pull one out to use, I Need the Ball has a tacky soft feel but performed off the tee like a distance ball.   Off the tee I Need the Ball was consistently 5-8 yards farther than my Bridgestone, and while I normally hit a little cut I Need the Ball didn’t cut as much and was generally a straighter drive than the Bridgestone.  I have never been one to spin the ball, generally my Wedges fly high and land soft, with not much roll out at all, for the most part I Need the Ball performed the same as my Bridgestone, moving no more than an inch or two from where the ball hit the green; however twice on 50-60 yard wedges shots, I backed the ball up about 4 inches on a very soft green, something I generally can not do.  I Need the Ball has a unique ability to be long off the tee and supersoft around the greens, something you have to pay $50 a dozen to achieve in other balls on the market.  After four rounds with the golf balls, the ball held up well and could easily be played more, making the $35 a dozen golf ball not only play like its $50 a dozen counterparts but also is more durable than any of them.

The Ball cutawayI’ve told you how I liked the ball and how it worked for me, now let’s look at the technology behind the ball.  First of all it is important to point out that I Need the Ball conforms with the USGA and is perfectly legal, something that isn’t always true in other “boutique” golf balls you will find on the market.  I Need the Ball is the first 3 piece ball with a tungsten core on the market, what that means is the tungsten core allows for distance offered in a distance ball while not taking away the softness around the greens.   The next layer is a multi-blend ionomer mantle which helps promote a lower launch angle generating lower spin off the driver club face, which in turn will add distance.   Then like most balls now-a-days you have a cast urethane cover in a 318 dimple design, that has a very tacky feel to it; this cover also helps with the durability and these balls can be used round after round with out fear of having scuff marks all over them.  Basically this ball is long and straight off the tee, and soft and tacky around the greens, how can you get any better than that?

Right now I Need the Ball has a promotion on their website, if you sign up for their email newsletter and invite 3 friends to sign up, you get 25% off your next purchase.  If one of the friends you sign up purchase a box, you get a FREE box!  So go sign up and invite 3 friends, get your 25% off, and pay $26 for a dozen golf balls that compare to boxes that cost $50.  Get past the notion your ball has to say Nike, Bridgestone or Titleist to be a good ball, and check out I Need the Ball.  Lower your score and keep money in your pocket for some 19th hole beers, and maybe you and some buddies will come up with the next big thing in golf like Josh, Steve and Glen did.

I Need The Ball
Out drove my Bridgestone consistently
I even spun it a few times which I can never do
$35 a dozen for premium golf ball is a steal
Lower your score and keep money in your pocket for some 19th hole beers

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.


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