James Patrick Harrington, The Scotty Cameron of Wedges?1

Written By: Chris Conley

While researching some up and coming brands on the market to review and educate our readers, I stumbled upon James Patrick Golf, who puts an artistic touch on top quality wedges to give them a unique feel and look.  While on the site I saw that he posted the below:

“I’m joining Titleist Acushnet to further advance my passion and creativity in the world of wedges. Titleist is providing the resources needed to continue to explore the unending pursuit of creating the world’s finest wedges.

This is the next step in the journey of my life’s work. This opportunity would not have been possible without the support of you… Team JP. Thank you for helping to build the foundation of the JP brand.

I look forward to what the future brings and picking up where we left off… Stay tuned.”

So what does this mean?  We all know that Bob Vokey is the know all be all of wedges at Titleist, so why bring on James Patrick now?   The Vokey SM5 series is due out soon, so we know that Titleist is staying strong with it’s Vokey line; could James Patrick be an insurance hire?  Bob Vokey has been in the business for years and one day he may want to sit down relax and enjoy his products on the course rather than in the shop, if so Titleist put in place a great heir to the thrown.   To use a football analogy much like the 49′ers having both Joe Montana and Steve Young on their team, did Titleist just “trade” for their Steve Young, do they now have a future Hall of Famer on the bench in waiting?

Scotty Cameron revolutionized the putter world, amazing colors and graphics on the putter head covers that have become collectibles.  He turned something like a putter into must have models, making bidding wars go crazy on sites like Ebay.  Is Titleist going to release a second line of wedges, one with style and flare to try and start the same buzz the Scotty Cameron line has produced?

Either way I am excited to see what direction James Patrick and Titleist head together, and what amazing wedges come out of this marriage.

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