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Kankura Golf – Scottsdale 3

Logotipo Kankura

Written By: Chris Conley

I am willing to bet Kankura is a brand of golf shoe that you have not heard of, I hadn’t heard of them until about a month ago when I was reading a golf digest article on the top shoes of 2015, and saw a pair of shoes that I fell in love with.  That pair was the Scottsdale 3 in white by Kankura golf, so I hit the google machine to try and find out  more about this company.  Kankura is a company out of Portugal that makes high quality leather golf shoes, on first visit to the site you have find it is in Portuguese, but can be translated to English; some parts of the site translate better than others but what you gather from the site is a company that puts quality, style and comfort at the forefront of their shoe designs.


I reached out to Kankura and they sent 3 samples to review, and instead of doing one big review for each style they sent, I decided these shoes were each worth their own individual review, so check back for a review of two other designs by Kankura.  There isn’t much  to be gathered from their website about when Kankura was established or whose idea it was to start Kankura they seem to focus on their products and don’t oversell themselves as a company which is actually a happy site in today’s golf industry when brand seems to be more important than style and comfort.  The below is taken directly from Kankura’s website and while it might sound a little off because of the translation, it hits their company’s goals right on the head, they focus on a quality, stylish and comfortable shoe that will sell itself.

“The majority of the golf players do it for pleasure. They play golf passionately and want to have a pair of shoes to wear for the whole golf day. They wake up and after enjoying a relaxing shower they decide what to wear that day: fashion sportswear and shoes, certainly.

Our shoes have an appealing design, a perfect fitting and an incredible comfort on and off the golf course. Consequently, Kankura Golf shoes help you reach that one digit handicap.
You can use them to go to the bakery, buy the newspaper and meet the old friends for breakfast. Then you take your friends to the Clubhouse and walk 18 holes! After winning, you drive back home with the cup, making everyone jealous.
The perfect day!
All this sounds like a story but actually it’s our commitment to the golf players.
What do people look for when they buy golf shoes?
Some studies say comfort. Fact is before you feel comfortable you have to like the design. Naturally if you like the design you take the shoes and you try them on! This is the moment where you feel the comfort and the perfect fitting and think “ I can walk forever with these shoes!”.
After a long time of perfect golfing and a new lower handicap you decide to buy Kankura Golf again and create some new memories.
That is literally all the information I can find on the company, but it definitely puts their best foot forward in showing they focus on putting their best foot, no puns intended, forward in the making of their high quality men’s and women’s golf shoes.  Some of their styles are unique and something I’ve never seen on a golf shoe before, other designs are classic styles made from quality leather.  They have a plethora of videos on YouTube showing their manufacturing process and I would recommend watching a few, you can find the videos below.
Now onto the specific shoe this review is about the Scottsdale 3, a what I would call wingtip designed shoe that can be worn from the office straight to the course, I received the white model which got more compliments in one round of golf than I’ve ever gotten from a pair of golf shoes.   It was a hot day and I wore them with shorts, thinking it might look a bit funky but wanted to get them tested and I can say they worked flawlessly with shorts.   They come with a orange laces already threaded and an extra pair of white if you don’t want that pop of color but I thought the orange laces really set the shoes off.  All Kankura golf shoes, including the Scottsdale 3 are spikeless shoes, that can be worn anywhere, giving them great versatility compared to spiked counterparts in similar designs.
The footbed (inside of your shoe that your foot sits on) was comfortable and had extra padding in the heel of the shoe and made it feel like I could walk all day with no discomfort.  This shoe has a heel on it and makes you feel a little taller than normal but didn’t effect my swing or contact at all, I believe it was just more of an illusion you stand a little taller.

The leathers used for all of their shoes are European hides that are prepared and tanned locally in Portugal.

The soles are made in Portugal as well using an ultra light weight material they focus on comfort, traction, flexibility and durability

Back to the Scottsdale 3, the shoe is amazing, like I said I’ve never received as many compliments on any golf attire in one round as I did wearing these.   I played on a morning after a rain and even spikeless had zero problem with traction or grip during the swing.  The shoes were amazingly comfortable for what turned into a 27 hole round and a few hours at the 19th hole after, if you are into style in shoes Kankura is the brand for you.   They are expensive as they are 159 pounds (can’t find the symbol for that) which roughly converts to $243 but the quality is phenomenal and they will most certainly last forever and be able to be worn for more than just the golf course.  If you want to stand out on the course scoop up a pair of Kankura’s today.

Check out their website HERE, make sure you translate it when you get the pop up.


Kankura Golf - Scottsdale 3
softest most comfortable leather
$240 plus shipping, ouch, but worth it
Back to the Scottsdale 3, the shoe is amazing, like I said I've never received as many compliments on any golf attire in one round as I did wearing these

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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