Lasting Swing Improvements Start with Proper Aiming

Tip Provided By: Golftec of Maryland

golftechLasting Swing Improvements Start with Proper Aiming
Craig Hunt, GolfTEC Certified Personal Coach and PGA Member, GolfTEC Cascade Station

Aiming properly parallel to your target is a prerequisite to making any lasting improvements to your swing.

If you are like most golfers (right-handed), you may be aiming too far to the right on every shot you hit. This will require you to either swing to the left with an outside-to-in path or flip your wrists at impact in an effort to make the ball land on the target. In other words, an incorrect aim will require you to make a compensating swing. In addition, misalignment leads to incorrect information. If you do not know how you are aligned, you will not truly know what your miss pattern is, as it will only be based on perception.For a normal golf shot or putt, your body should be aligned parallel left of the target (if you are right-handed) so that your body line and the target line are like two railroad tracks. In other words, your body should NOT point at the target; it should point just left of the intended target.

Take your stance and aim at a very specific target.

Correct Alignment1) First, you need to test your aim to see if it is faulty.

Lay an alignment stick, or club, along your toes and along your target line.

Check to see if the stick you laid down on your toes is actually pointed parallel left of your target.

If the stick is not pointed parallel left of your target, start practicing shots with the following practice station:Lay an alignment stick, or club, on the ground just outside your golf ball pointing directly at the target.

2) Lay another alignment stick, or club, close to your toes and place it parallel to the other stick.

3) Leave both alignment tools on the ground (being careful not to move them), walk back behind the ball 10-15 feet and double-check the relationship of the two lines.

The two lines should be EXACTLY parallel (like railroad tracks), with the one on the right pointing at the target and the one on the left pointing left of the target.

Aiming properly parallel may seem a bit tricky at first, but using a practice station with alignment sticks will help ensure proper alignment and remove the need to develop compensations in your swing, thereby enabling you to make lasting improvements with the help of your coach.

For more information and a closer look at proper alignment, check out the video below.

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