LoudMouth Golf – Men’s Shorts

Red Tooth-S

There isn’t much I don’t love about the game of golf, but one thing I have always been fascinated by is the ever evolving fashion of the game of golf.  You certainly can not getting any bolder than LoudMouth Golf; with their crazy patterns and bright colors, I hope your game can live up to the attention you will be receiving on the course.   In my opinion the golf course isn’t a private school with a uniform, not everyone has to be in a khakis and dark blue or other dull solid color polo.   LoudMouth Golf allows you to add a little bit of your personality to your golf course attire, while still providing a very classy fit and professional look on the golf course.

“Khakis for golf weren’t going to cut it for Loudmouth founder Scott Woodworth.  He took matters into his own hands, literally. He found some fabric with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and company on golf carts on a powder blue background and made himself a pair of golf pants of questionable taste. When guys started coming up to him out in the middle of the golf course asking him how they could get a pair, he realized there was a hidden desire on the golf course…To play LOUD!” Found on www.loudmouthgolf.com

As you can see before LoudMouth Golf many wanted the loud options but just didn’t know where they could get them.  Everyone knows John Daly, and how he is now known for his crazy golf attire from LoudMouth Golf on and off the course; however now when you are playing your weekend round you will see more and more LoudMouth designs on your course as LoudMouth becomes a household name, not only for their outrageous style but the excellent quality products they offer.

When my package from LoudMouth showed up, I didn’t know what to expect; I had looked over the website wondering what pair would be sent.  When I opened the box I saw the Red Saw Tooth pair of shorts waiting for me to try on, at first I looked at the shorts and thought I could never pull these off but once I unpacked them and tried them on I felt comfortable and relaxed in them.  I also unwrapped a very nice looking, solid red golf polo; which is very high quality, look for that review coming soon.   The first thing you notice is they are made with 100% cotton, and they fit well.  I wear a 42″ waist and they fit perfectly, not so loose they

photofall down but not so tight it is uncomfortable when you tuck a shirt into them.   Being you can buy these shorts off the rack, you get many features you don’t find in other off the rack golf brands out there; these have a very custom fitted or boutique feel to them.  All the hems and inside edges of the shorts are lined with a LoudMouth Golf logo’d material, making them feel very durable and allowing your belt to sit very well tightened against the shorts.  I am not sure about others but some shorts I have that are very

thin around belt area bunch up and become uncomfortable, these shorts have the extra material which prevents them from bunching up.  The next thing you notice is how

One of my biggest sayings I always say when friends raze me about the matching golf outfits I wear “Look Good to Play Good”; one of the biggest factors in your golf game is confidence.  Feeling confident over the ball doesn’t just come down to the club in your hand, but the clothes you are looking.  Much like a salesman walking into a meeting, having a nice tailored suit on makes him confident, being dress nicely on the course will promote confidence and with LoudMouth Golf you cannot go wrong.very heavy duty the zipper is on these shorts, again just the little things that set them apart.  I have a million pair of golf shorts, from IZOD, Nike , Under Armour to Callaway and Ashworth and LoudMouth Golf is one of the most comfortable pair I own.  They are definitely worth the money, and will turn heads on the golf course.