Mantis – Mallet Putter 0

Written By: Chris Conley

mantis_mallet_2About a month ago we posted an interview with Chris Maher, the CEO of Mantis about their revolutionary new putter; unfortunately I have been trying to test the putter to write a full review for weeks now but mother nature keeps leaving this white stuff all over the ground that makes it impossible to putt with it.  Normally I like to play a few rounds with clubs, and get a true feel for how I like the club on the course; however I didn’t want there to be to big of a gap between the interview and the review so the review below is based primarily off of practice green testing, but still should give an idea of how great of a product this putter is.  Since our interview with Chris, Mantis made waves last month at the PGA show in Orlando, also releasing a blade version of their Green , yes I said Green putter.  If you want to check out the interview with Chris, you can find it HERE .

So like everyone the first thing you see when you open the box is the color green , but why Green ?  Back in 2012, Michael Dill the founder of Mantis, realized his eyes were following the putter head rather than staying on the ball during his putting stroke.  This made it impossible for him to make square contact every time as his eye was leaving the object he was trying to hit and following the object he was trying to hit the object with.  After research and testing, they found that color can significantly reduce eye movement during your putting stroke, and they decided Green was the best color to cause less distraction.  Once they settled on a color they had to settle on a design, and the Mantis was born, where did the name Mantis come from?  I am guessing it has something to do with the fact it is Green and looks like a Praying Mantis head.  Now that we know the reason why the color Green,   the question is are you bold enough to use it?  There have been black, silver, nickel, copper, white and even a few red putters but never a bold putter like the Mantis.  I personally love it, I like being able to pull the Mantis out of my bag and not have the same looking putter as everyone else in my group.  Now-a-days you can buy pretty much any color Driver you want, so why not the putter?  Science meets Style all wrapped up into a putter you can see Yoda pulling out of his bag with the Mantis.  



Watch the Ball, Not the Putter – Mantis Golf Website

Ok, we have gotten past the initial shock & awe of the color, what’s next?  The first thing you notice when you pick up the Mantis is the weight, unlike some putters on the market you actually know you are holding a club when you pick up the Mantis.  I have never been a mallet guy, all my putters are blades, but the weighting on the Mantis almost makes you feel like you are hitting a blade.  The weight is very much face balanced, so while it has the mallet head size, the weighting makes it feel very balanced almost like you are hitting a blade.  Grooved into the top of putter is a white alignment tool that does the job of helping you align your putt but not so bright that it takes away from the purpose of the green putter head.   The Mantis has a soft polyurethane face with a metal outline that really sets the club off paired with the Green color.  The putter produces a ping type sound when contact is made, and it is unlike a sound I have heard in the putters have I owned or tested over the years, but it allows you to know you are making solid contact because the sound is consistent.   One thing I love that Mantis did that some other putter manufacturers often overlook, is that they used a Mantis branded Winn Medium Grip.  The grip is a very important part of the putter to me, and some companies throw on a cheap black grip but Mantis has a Green (imagine that) Winn Grip that really feels nice and tacky in the hands.    Guess what color the Putter Cover is?  Yup Green , but it is a nice quality putter head cover with a very strong magnet fastener.    I had very little issue getting speed of long putts down with the Mantis, and after only a few practice putts long lag putts were no problem at all.  Even though the waiting made it feel like a blade putter, I think I psyched myself out and the 3-5 footers I normally will make I was lipping but for anyone who likes a Mallet putter I am sure those short putts would be no problem for them as the ball rolls true and smooth off the putter face.  There isn’t much customization with the Mantis and it is almost an off the shelf type purchase but you can order it right or left handed in 33″, 34″ or 35″ in lengths.

Most people look at the Mantis and think it is the next gimmick in the golf industry and one thing I can tell you from my testing is that is completely false, the Mantis is a quality product that will improve your game based on simple science.  You will definitely turn heads when you pull the Mantis out of your bag, but once your foursome picks it up and maybe even takes a few practice putts with it, they will be asking to use it the whole round.  A quality putter at $149.99 is almost a steal now-a-days, so you are getting a good product for your money.    I look forward to testing their blade model soon, so look for our review on that.

You can find the Mantis mallet putter at their website HERE  and you can purchase directly from their site.