Martin – Cotton Iisle Golf Polo

Written By:  Chris Conley

Yes, you read the title of this review right, a Cotton polo shirt; but before you hit the back button or close your browser this isn’t your dads Cotton polo.  When I first started playing golf, if it was a 90 degree day you wouldn’t think about playing; the heavy cotton polo’s were not only hot but they were heavy, and the minute you perspired in them, it felt like you were swimming in a pair of jeans.  I still have many of these polo’s in my closet and while I am writing this review, I am thinking to myself I am not so sure why because I will never wear them again; I am still amazed when I see them in stores and ask myself who buys them.  The one downside to the new polyester blends that have hit golf fashion, is unless you have 0% body fat, the material shows the extra weight.  Martin Golf produced a cotton golf polo you can wear in the hottest of temperatures and stay cool and dry.


About Martin Golf

Some of you out there, may know the name Fairway & Greene, a high quality golf apparel company; Rick Martin who formerly owned and sold Fairway & Greene ventured back into the golf market starting Martin golf.  Do you want a Martin shirt, they can be hard to come by as Martin is not sold online and can only be found at private golf clubs across the country.  Martin golf aims their shirts, at the golfer who can afford an $85 golf shirt and see’s the value in a high quality long lasting shirt.  Martin Golf advertises that their shirts will last for 10 years, and look as good as they do on day one if you take care of them properly.  So why is AGG reviewing an $85 shirt, that can only be found at private clubs?  Simple we really like the fact cotton is back, and think these shirts are very comfortable and look professional from the office to the course; everyone needs to splurge sometimes and you can’t go wrong buying one of these shirts.

About the Shirt

First of all, if you are more Rickie Fowlers style on the course than you are say Steve Stricker, than Martin Golf probably is not the polo’s for you.  Rick Martin designs polo’s that you can go from the office directly to the course and not change, while he offers some great color combinations and uses every color in the rainbow, the colors are done professionally and are not as in your face as other apparel companies out there.  On the average day at the course you will find me in loudmouth shorts or a very bright shirt, but say if I were ever invited to Congressional Country Club (if someone who has pull is reading this, that is in fact a giant HINT) Martin Golf would be the shirt I pull out of my closet.

So why Cotton over the new polyester shirts that are made popular by the bigger names on the market right now?  For one cotton is an all natural fiber, so it flows naturally giving you a comfortable fit, polyester form fits itself so the shirts do not drape they hug to your body, for those of us with a few or more extra pounds you will look slimmer and more comfortable in the Martin 100% cotton shirts.  The material is very thin feeling, not in the cheap sense but thin as in it breathes just as well as any Under Armour shirt I own.  If you sweat while playing the shirt keeps you cool and wicks the sweat off of you.   One thing that bothers me about polo shirts is the collar, I do not take my shirts to dry cleaners, I wash them at home and after a few washes with most brands the collar bends in funky ways and won’t stay as it is designed, and how it looks on the first few wears.  After a good amount of washes with my Martin shirts, the collar lays flat and looks great.

One big note I would tell you about Martin is they run big, because of the natural cotton, the way they are produced and the way the shirt drapes you can easily go down one size from what you wear in polyester golf shirts.


Again since these shirts can only be found in private clubs, they may not be for the Average Guy Golfer in all of us.  However what did you wear the last time your boss asked you to go golfing with a perspective client?  Did you wear your brightest shirt like you do on Saturday’s when you play?  Did you wear an older shirt where the collar was messed up from constant washes?  Grab a Martin polo to wear next time you have a round or even cocktails with a perspective client and make a statement.

You can find the Martin website by Clicking Here

Martin - Cotton Iisle Golf Polo
Very professional style more Steve Stricker than Rickie Fowler
Don't be scared of the word cotton, this shirt breathes well and is very comfortable and fits well.
Only available at private clubs and $85, this is special occassion shirt for many.
If you come across one, and have the money pick one up you won't be disappointed.

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