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Maxfli – U62

Written By: Chris Conley

When I first started playing golf and even up until a couple of years ago, a golf ball was a golf ball to me.  If it was round and white, I’d throw it on the tee and have a whack at it, not knowing I wasn’t improving because my swing needed help but also because I wasn’t using the right ball for my particular swing/game.  Lately huge names on the PGA tour like Bridgestone have started to advertise that exact situation, and produce golf balls for varying skill levels and swing speeds.  One name many probably don’t think of often now-a-days is Maxfli, but they are making a huge resurgence in the golf world and at the center is their new golf ball the U6, the world’s first 6 piece golf ball.

About Maxfli

MaxfliMany new golfers today don’t know the whole Maxfli story, which is long to say the least, Maxfli has been around for over 90 years producing top quality golf products from day one.  Originally started as a sports division of the Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation in 1922, and operated under Dunlop up through their partnership with Slazenger in 2003.   In 2003 Maxfli was purchsed by Tmag, better known as TaylorMade, and produced the noodle line of golf balls for TaylorMade.  Since TaylorMade wanted to focus on their own premium golf ball line the Black and Red Max, premium golf balls that Maxfli had been producing went by the way side and they started to produce the distance first Noodle Golf balls.  In 2008, Dick’s Sporting Goods made a splash and purchased the Maxfli brand from Tmag, and Maxfli again started producing premium golf balls they refer to as the U series.

About the U6

I have heard of 2, 3 and even 4 layer balls, but Maxfli produced the U6 with six layers; this ball has tour feel with incredible straight ball flight.  The ball is made up of the core, 4 mantle layers, and the urethane cover; the mantle layers get progressively more dense  from inner to outer which help straighten ball flight and increase ball speeds.    The low compression core reduces spin off the driver giving you farther carry yardage off the tee, while producing a straighter ball flight.  The soft Urethane cover creates an exceptional feeling golf ball around the greens, and on approach shots.

So the core and the outer layer are something that is found in all golf balls, what makes the U6 truly unique are the mantle layers that make this a 6 piece golf ball.  The first two mantle layers from the core, are the inner mantles, and they Increase C.O.R (“coefficient of restitution.” Coefficient of restitution is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide)  for a faster ball speed and they are lower density than the outer mantles.   The outer mantel layers are denser than the inner layers to create a higher MOI and reduce side spin off of the ball.  Basically in simple none golf nerd terms this ball is weighted perfectly, making the ball spin less off the driver face and fly straighter and higher because of that, all while keeping its exceptional feel.

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I have played three rounds so far with the U6 and I don’t have any complaints with the ball.  Each round I compared the U6 to another golf ball by playing two balls each hole, I compared the U6 to a Bridgestone E6 and 330rxs, as well as a NXT tour.  I was hitting the Maxfli with in a few yards of all the golf balls mentioned, and compared to the E6 which is designed for straighter ball flights, the U6 proved it could fly just as straight even on slight miss-hits as the E6.  Overall this ball has very nice feel, great distance off the tee and you can control it with full wedge shots.  People might be a little hesitant to play a Maxfli because the younger generation has probably never heard of them, and the older generation can remember them falling from grace but I am willing to bet that with the launch of the U6 and the U series in general, that people again will think of the word Quality when they hear the name Maxfli.  They have been around for 91 years, that has to say something for the quality products they continue to product.

Maxfli U6 Golf Ball

Maxfli - U6
Solid Distance.
Very soft feel around the greens and on approach shots, straight ball flight off the tee.
This is where they loose me slightly at $45 a box, they are comparable in price to the Pro V's and B330's of the world, while they can stand up to them, people don't know the Maxfli name well enough to pick them over the Pro V's at the same price. Make them $39 and they would sell like hot cakes
Overall this ball has very nice feel, great distance off the tee and you can control it with full wedge shots.

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