Molhimawk – Golf Bags 2

Written By: Chris Conley

Before we get started with the review, I am sure like I was when I first saw the name, you are pronouncing Molhimawk a number of different ways in your head and trying to guess which is right.  ’Mol-ee-MOCK’ is the correct pronunciation, and it simply means Albatross in the New Zealand language of Maori.

Molhimawk was born in 2009, at the famous Olympic Club in San Francisco, during a post round cocktail.   Two Northern California golfers, neither excited about the direction of the golf apparel industry combined with their mutual love for the game of golf, they decided to start their own brand – a NorCal Golf-Meets-Surf brand centered around fashion-forward golf bags .  For the first year of their existence they struggled to come up with a name for the company, that would represent the argyle and bright colors they wanted to use their in bags.  They decided on Molhimawk and the Albatross logo with an argyle pattern and things took off.  Molhimawk makes high quality golf bags that bring life and color back to your foursome, they have since released a line of shirts and hats, with their eye popping logo, and we will be reviewing those in the coming weeks for you as well.

Molhimawk makes both Cart and Stand bags, in numerous different patterns and bright colors that are sure to add some flare to your game.  They have also teamed with AGG favorite LoudMouth Golf to use a few of LoudMouths famous patterns in their LoudMouth line of Golf bags.  AGG had the pleasure of reviewing the Magic Bus LoudMouth Golf stand bag by Molhimawk, we have not used any of their cart bags, only the stand bags, but if we get our hands on one we will do a review of those as well.

shoulderstrap On to the bag, when I first received the box with the Magic Bus bag in it, I was amazed how light weight the entire box was; this was a box big enough to fit a golf bag in it, yet it felt like there was nothing in it.  Weighing in at 5lbs, this is one of the lighter carry bags I have used, and even with 14 clubs in the bag you could walk 36 holes no problem.   The legs and pedestal of the kick stand are very high quality and when there are even a few clubs in the bag if you sit it down the legs spring right now and sits very secure on any type of surface you will find on the course. With some other bags I have used in the past, getting the legs to pop out and sit securely was a pain, to the point I would just lay my bag down on the ground; with the molhimawk stand bag you never have to worry about this, it will sit straight and correctly the first time.   The bag has three large pockets that are covered in the Magic Bus LoudMouth pattern and can easily fit anything you may need to fit in your golf bag.  I generally carry about a dozen golf balls, and they fit easily in the ball pocket on the bottom of the bag.   There is a waterproof valuables pocket that fit my watch, keys, cell phone and wallet easily, I could have put a GPS or Scope in the pocket with no problem.   The bag is separated into 6 large areas for your clubs, and I fit all 14 clubs in the bag with out any problem, and that is including my putter which I use a large grip.   I am very anal about how my clubs are arranged in a golf bag and I was easily able to organize them in the bag so I always knew where the club was that I needed.  The best thing other than the Magic Bus design about this bag, is the shoulder strap, a high quality padded double shoulder strap makes you feel like you are carrying no weight at all.  The strap is easy to slide on, and easily adjustable if you ever throw on a jacket mid round and need to make the straps bigger.

It seems every review we do, other than clubs, is all about the ever involving fashion side of the game of golf.  One of our favorite sayings at AGG is, Look Good Play Good, if you are going to dress nice, why not take it to the next step and make your Golf Bag not just a club holder but a conversation starter?  Molhimawk makes high quality golf bags in fun designs from argyle to polka dots, with their LoudMouth line up you can take your fashion statement from your pants to your golf bag.

I love the bags, and would recommend them for anyone who likes to standout on the golf course.  You can find Molhimawk’s website HERE .  While you are over at their website, check out their shirts and hats, with their Albatross logo on it, it is one of the cooler logo’s in the golf industry.  LOOK GOOD PLAY GOOD, with Molhimawk.