Nike – Power Distance Soft 1

Written By: Chris Conley

Nike – Power Distance Soft

I have been trying to hit as many different golf balls as possible, to help get reviews out there, and this week I tried the Nike Power Distance Soft. Designed for weekend golfer the Nike Power Distance Soft might be perfect for a lot of our readers; the ball is designed for mid to high handicappers and is made of a two piece construction. The Nike pd soft is made with 432 dimple pattern, and is designed for the recreational golfer who wants to reduce side spin and get more distance. In my opinion this is a great ball for the value, and even though it is a ball that is designed for distance it does have a nice feel around the greens and you get great feedback off your wedge shots. If you have a really fast club head speed this might not be the ball for you, besides that I think this ball would help any mid to high handicappers game; at $16 for a box of 12 you can’t beat the price in today’s market.