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Age: 28
Location: Cleveland, OH
Position: Writer/Reviewer
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When I was a kid, the first ball my dad put in my hands was a football. I immediately took a swing at it and smashed it with my Nerf bat.  My dad thought he was on to something and he was right. In between helping me get ready to play football, he began taking me out to golf courses around the age of 10. He was my first golf teacher and he showed me everything I thought I would ever need to know- how to grip right, how to stand and swing, and most importantly, how to swear.

In high school, golf was an opportunity to get out with my closest friends and act like adults for a few hours. We weren’t terribly competitive, but we all liked to push each other to get better. During summer vacations, I would play upwards of 36 holes a day with my buddies. I didn’t take lessons at this point, but I frequently played in course tournaments and scrambles. I felt like I was a pretty good golfer, shooting between 80 and 85 consistently.

During college, classes and football became priorities. I also moved to a new city, Cleveland, Ohio, and I was learning my way around. Finding transportation and reasonably priced courses was difficult  for my first few years, so my golf game definitely took a big step backwards. And, like most college students, I discovered the art of alcohol, thus having to learn to play golf hungover. It’s fair to say that my game regressed.

Once I graduated and began my career as a teacher, I was finally able to get back out to the courses regularly. Unfortunately I had unlearned a lot of what I had learned from my early playing days. My body grew in height and width and my clubs no longer fit. I developed some pretty bad habits playing with clubs that were too short and equipment that wasn’t moving with me properly. It finally took a subscription to the Golf Channel and an episode of “The Golf Fix” to convince me to get fitted.  You can read about my set under my equipment section.

Currently, I play as often as I can all over Northeast Ohio. I have taken a few lessons, but essentially I try to make my own adjustments and fixes, as I’m sure just about every other average golf guy does. I’m a 15 handicap with a low round of 77, and my biggest struggle is my short game- both distance control and touch around the greens. I love watching the sport evolve and the new names of golf emerge. I cheer for the guys who aren’t superstars yet, such as Zach Johnson, Jason Day, and Dustin Johnson.

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