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Perfect Pitch Golf Mat

Written By: Chris Conley

The temperature is dropping, there is this funny white stuff on the ground, and the gate at your local golf course is permanently closed; what do you do to keep your game sharp?  I hate the feeling of going weeks between golf rounds, due to weather, and as always the first part of your game to suffer is your touch and short game.  This winter I will be using the Perfect Pitch Golf mat by Perfect Pitch Golf, to help keep my short game sharp and my feel consistent.

A very simple product that really can help you shave strokes off your game very quickly, and allows you to practice practically anywhere.   The mat is made of a light weight turf material that is easily rolled up to be stored or traveled with; on the mat you have red, yellow and white lines to mark where your feet should be as well as the position the golf ball should be in.  The mat will teach you how to hit three types of short game shots and helps you visually see where the ball and your feet should be on each shot.  The three types of shots are:

  • Chip Shots – Simply align your feet on the red lines and place the golf ball on whichever of the three red dots you feel comfortable (within your reach) at, this will ensure proper stance and ball placement which will allow for most consistent chip shots.
  • Pitch Shots – Simply align your feet on the white lines and place the golf ball on whichever of the three white dots you feel comfortable at, once the ball is in the proper position in your stance you will see the ball jump higher off the club face for more of a higher arched pitched shot
  • Bunker/Flop shots – simply align your feet on the yellow lines and place the golf ball on whichever of the three yellow dots you feel comfortable at, this will allow you to master the bunker shot, which drives most amateurs crazy, as well as use the flop shot when needed (hitting over a bunker into a shallow green).

It really is that simple, align your feet and the ball correctly and your short game shots become much easier.  I have found the mat to be practical in a number of areas:

  • At the Course – Take the mat with you to the course, set up around the practice pitching greens and have a true green to practice on.  This is the best bet because you can see how the ball reacts with spin and how much it will run on the green.  You can also use the same ball you use on the course so you can get the exact feel of what your ball will do on the greens.
  • In the backyard – I love my Rukket golf net, and the Perfect Pitch Golf mat just gives me yet another reason to use it.  Simply set the mat up in front of a golf mat, and using real golf balls you can get the feel of the chip motion and understand the feel of real contact.
  • Indoors – Go out and pick yourself up some wiffle or foam golf balls, and two feet of snow outside won’t hinder you from keeping that elusive short game touch through out the winter.  I hope my boss doesn’t read this but I work late nights sometimes, updating servers and I’ve used foam golf balls and the mat in our conference room to pass the time.  While you don’t know how the ball will roll out you get to practice the position of the ball (I second guess myself on the course all the time) and the motion of the swing.

All amateurs know they need to practice their short game to play better golf, but what is the point in practicing if you are practicing the wrong technique?  Remember perfect practice makes perfect not just practice, with the perfect pitch mat you will lower your score, guaranteed.

I am sure you will find even more ways to use the Perfect Pitch Mat but these are the ways I have loved using it.  No matter how you use it I can tell you it will improve your short game, and is a great Christmas present or gift for any golf lover out there.  We will be doing a giveaway of our mat in the coming weeks so be on the look out for it.

Perfect Pitch Golf Mat- Perfect Your Setup, Improve Your Short Game, Shoot Lower Scores

You can find Perfect Pitch Golf’s website HERE.

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 2.3/5 (3 votes cast)