Ping – G25 Irons

g25 Written By
Chris Conley


In a year when all manufacturers are making dramatic changes to the appearance and design of their irons , Ping has taken the already stellar G20 Irons and made some aesthetic improvements while giving players the same great forgiving Iron that the G series has become known for.  The G25 offers extreme forgiveness and high trajectory in a club head that is sleek and provides confidence at address.  The first thing you notice when looking at the G25 Irons, is the duller “gun-metal” finish on the club head; Ping has been going with a darker look through out its clubs from drivers to wedges and the G25 is no different.  I personally like the “gun-metal” finish and think it makes the Iron look sleek.   You will also notice that the sole of the club head gets thicker as the club gets longer; the Wedge has a much thinner sole than the 4-Iron.  This allows for a more forgiving and high trajectory long iron, when you look down on the club on the long irons you can actually see some of the sole behind the top line; on the shorter irons you only see a very thin top line and none of the sole.  The long irons have a very high ball flight which will help higher handicap players, and the shorter irons with their thin top line, make them great scoring Irons.  The sole is where you see the biggest difference between the G25 and G20 series Irons, the sole has actually narrowed on the shorter irons while getting wider on the longer irons for a higher launch.  In my opinion the G25 is a much cleaner Iron than it’s predecessor, the shorter Irons had such a wide sole on the G20′s that it just didn’t look right, the more narrow sole gives the G25′s a very sleek look and feel.  The ball feels very solid off the face of these clubs, which we’ve grown to expect from Ping; the G series is still a very forgiving line by Ping and will work for low handicap players to beginners.  Overall if you are a Ping fan you are still going to love the G25′s they offer the great performance of the G series with what I think is the best looking G series Iron to date.


  • Great new “Gun-Metal” Finish
  • Very High Launching Long Irons
  • Very Forgiving


  • At $799, they are a little Expensive but worth the price

Wrap Up

Overall the G25 Iron is another great Iron in the G series by Ping; very forgiving Irons that will help any player for a low handicap player to a player just beginning to play the game.  The new “gun-metal” look is a great addition in my opinion, and the progressive sole makes the long Irons look easy to hit at address.