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Pleasant Valley Golf Club

Course: Pleasant Valley Golf Club

Tees: Blue (In front of tips)

Yardage: 6,509

Weather: 88-90 and Sunny

Written By: Colin Murray

Rating: At bottom of Review


Pleasant Valley Golf Club has been open since 1998, and was designed by Tom Clark. It is a mostly “open” course, featuring very few holes with thick tree-lined fairways. This is helpful if you are not the most accurate of player, since if you miss the fairway you will usually be able to find your ball. There are a few holes, however, where thick, meadow-like tall grass is present, which will make finding your ball difficult. Overall though, the course is always in very well-kept condition; the fairways and greens are all in-shape and very green. All carts have a GPS monitor with exact distances to pin & carry distances to hazards. Note: this course does not allow the use of push- or pull-carts. Walking and riding are the same costs, and dress code (collared shirt required for men, women must have a collar or sleeves; denim, tank-tops, t-shirts, spandex, etc are prohibited), is strictly enforced, even on the range.


The pro-shop is small (approximately 20’x20’), but has a good selection of balls and clothing. Equipment options are not as varied, but they do have various clubs for sale. The other side of the club-house has the “grill” and lounging area with a few tables. The food and drink selection is typical of most courses, and pricing is reasonable: $3 for a hot-dog; cheeseburgers, sandwiches, subs, chicken-tenders $8; soda/water $2; Gatorade $3. There is a cart-girl that comes around as well to replenish your needs mid-round. The driving range is not big (about 15 spots), but has good quality mats to hit from. Range distance extends to beyond 250yds, so it accommodates even long-hitters. Buckets are $10, and carry approximately 45-50 balls. Putting/chipping area is well-kept, and depending on the day/time of your visit can be busy, but there are enough holes so you’re never “locked out.”


The front-9 is mostly straight and open, but has a tough middle stretch from holes 3-6 based on their handicaps (1,9, 3, & 5 respectively). The 3rd hole is a 1-hdcp, long par-5. Club tee plays 515; Medal is 551; Champ is 596. Two fairway bunkers line the right landing area, but if you are a long hitter you should be able to clear them. If you can hit a draw, this is the hole to use it. Once in the fairway, it’s all straight  to the green, so a good shot with a fairway wood will at least get you close for a short 3rd shot/GIR chance. The 2nd hole is the only one with any kind of dog-leg. The hole is a short par-4 at 375 from the tips. You want to be on the right off the tee, since it curves back left to the green. There are two fairway bunkers that line the left side, tempting some hitters to fly them (depending on the box used, they range from 220-243yds & 236-259yds). The green has two front-side bunkers that will challenge you if you are too far right off the tee. Best spot for your opening shot is left side, just right of the bunkers, as it gives you the most open look at the green. Hole 7 is a short par-3, but has a big pond in front of the green, along with a small trap to the lower-left side. Taking an extra club here is definitely recommended to avoid the water.


The back plays slightly easier than the front, but not by much. Hole 10 is an open par-5, but water is in play with your second shot as a small pond lines the right edge of the fairway leading to the green. Hole 13 is another long par-5, 2hdcp (Club 504/Medal 534/Champ 563). This is one of the few holes with OB trees on the left, so aim right – the right side is wide open, so even a missed fairway presents you with a playable second shot. The green is uphill, so an extra club is necessary. Long hitters will need to be very straight to reach in two, otherwise lay-up and give yourself an easy wedge for GIR. Hole 16 is a short par-4: 333 from the tips. Water surrounds the green, but both sides of the fairway are open. Best tip is to keep the driver in the bag and hit a 3W or iron, which will set you up for an easy approach. Finally, the closing hole is wet down the entire right side and OB far left, but is straight and not difficult. Greenside bunkers are on the right, so best bet is to aim left and avoid pin-seeking if placed on the right.



This is a fun course, that can be both challenging and open for scoring, depending on your skill level. Long hitters have a definite advantage on the par-5s, since they all play over 500yds for all tees but Womens. It gets busy on the weekends, but the overall condition, amenities, and layout make it a sought-after destination.


Pleasant Valley Golf Club
Each fairway and green are very well-kept; no brown/dead grass. Most players here do a good job at repairing ball-marks.
No sugar-coating here, it’s expensive: $83 M-F; $98 Sa/Sun/Hol before 12pm. Twilight rates are given for after 12pm, 2pm, & 4pm, with cost going all the way down to $49 after 4pm.
Not a ton to choose from in the pro-shop, but the grill has great prices, and the buckets are affordable. GPS in-cart is definitely handy if you’re unfamiliar with the course.
I definitely recommend this course, despite the high peak-rates. It provides a good combination of both challenging and scoring holes. The costs for twilight are reasonable considering location, amenities, and most importantly: condition. If this was not well-kept, it would not get the stars it did.
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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 4.3/5 (4 votes cast)
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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 4.3/5 (4 votes cast)