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Written By: Chris Conley

scorgolf Overview

Have you ever noticed over time drivers have become larger, 3 Irons have turned into a hybrid and even putters have become spaceship looking large mallets; but what is the one constant?  Wedges.  SCOR golf asked the question why should your wedge look like your 6 Iron when you want two totally different shots out of the two clubs?  What they came up with is an award winning set of “Scoring Irons” that will improve the game of everyone from a scratch golfer to someone struggling to break 100.  At SCOR golf they do not say their wedges will help your short game, they say SCOR golf will help your SCORING range.  They believe from your 9 iron down are scoring range clubs and the technology behind these clubs should be different than your mid to long irons.   What came out of this philosophy was an incredible line of clubs called the SCOR 4161; these clubs will improve your scoring range game and lower your handicap, guaranteed.

I play at about a 12 handicap. That number may be lower right now, but last time I officially got a handicap I was at a 12; I should not be playing the exact same wedge as my buddy who is around a 20 handicap.  Wedges are unique to the player, no one should walk into a big box store and by a wedge off the shelf and think it is going to help their game.  At SCOR golf they truly believe in this fact, and of the SCOR fit system – a comprehensive experience that will walk the user through their game, what types of clubs they currently use and how far they hit their irons.  The result will be a set of Scoring Range clubs that will cover your gaps correctly and allow you to start shooting lower scores instantly.  You can buy one Wedge or as many as you like.  For instance I reviewed a 5 wedge system, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58 degrees; these degrees took my existing 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge out of my bag and made my Scoring Range much more consistent, while covering gaps that existed with my current wedges.  I’ve never hit a 54 before, always a 56 and I like the difference, I can still get the ball to check for me and stop quickly but now I expanded my distance 10 yards over my old 56 to cover the 100-110 range that I never had a club for before.

button_21 That brings me to the next point on SCOR golf, if we both walk into a box store and buy a 56 we are going to hit it different yardages.   When is the last time you saw a 55 or 57 degree club on the shelf at your local golf shop? Never!  SCOR4161’s wedges come in every loft from 41 to 61 degrees. What that means is you can find the exact loft to fit the exact yardage gap you are looking for.  Even with other manufacturers if you ask for a 55 they will bend a 56 degree down or bend a 54 degree up to make the 55 degree for you; at SCOR they make that degree standard so they are not harming the integrity of the club as it was made for the EXACT loft.

tn-v-sole Another great thing about the SCOR4161’s wedges is the signature V-Sole; if you polled 100 golfers of varying skill levels, my guess is most would not know what bounce is right for them.  You walk into a box store and you might find your standard 56 degree with an 8 bounce or a 12 bounce; do you know what works best for you?  With the patented V-sole  you no longer have to worry about that; the V-sole makes sure no matter what the lie you have the right bounce.  For instances I was testing other wedges and I had a 56 that had a 14 bounce that worked great out of bunkers, but the minute the ball was in the fairway that bounce was way too much and I would short or chunk the ball.   With the V-Sole I no longer have to carry a wedge specifically for sand shots. You can go from the thickest rough to the deepest bunker and the sole will cut through it with no problem.

tn-genius-shafts Should your drive have the same shaft as your wedge?  SCOR designed their own GENIUS steel and graphite  in NINE weight and flex options; I dare you to find that at any big box store or “bigger” named wedge makers.

These wedges are basically hybrids as they bring a great weighting system into play; each loft in their line of 20 lofts is specifically weighted.  You won’t find this with any other wedge company on the market. If you buy Company A’s 56 and 60 degree wedge the weight is the same. With the SCOR4161 series the weighting is different in every single loft they offer making each club perform to its optimal ability.

tn-progressive-weighting The biggest issue I have with my wedges is being in fluffy rough or miss hitting chip shots and hitting the ball high on the face.  With SCOR4161’s technology and the specific weighting for each loft, high face shots average 21 yards farther than its closest competitors.    Meaning if you miss hit a shot and hit it high on the club face, you face a slightly longer putt than normal but you won’t leave that approach shot short anymore.  This will dramatically improve your game!


  • Great Feel
  • Great Look
  • 20 Loft’s to choose from
  • Specific Weighting per loft
  • Comes with Lamkin high quality grips already on them
  • Mishits are more accurate than other wedges on the market
  • Will really improve your “Scoring Range” shots
  • Makes you rethink the design of wedges


  • Only con I can find is the are more expensive than off the shelf, but the price is worth it


Wrap Up

As a quick wrap up, all I can say is that these clubs will improve your game, PERIOD.  I have always been a good short game player, now I have become a good SCORING RANGE player.  I feel I can attack pins more and mishits will no longer be the punishment they once were; the SCOR FIT experience was great and will help you cover all the gaps your game is in desperate need of.  From the highest of handicappers to the scratch golfer, these clubs will improve your game.