SeeMore Putters – X4 Nickel Putter 1

Written By: Chris Conley

How many golf gadgets on the market have you tried?  How many worked?  If you are honest with yourself your answer is probably at least a few, like myself, I’ve tried every gimmick claiming to do something better than the gadget that came before.  What gadgets have you used to try and putt better?  What if I were to tell you the answer were as simple as two white lines and a red dot?  You would probably laugh but I am here to tell you it is a fact, two white lines and a red dot will help you putt better, and SeeMore Putters are the magicians behind this great trick.

About SeeMore

SeeMore Putters operates out of a little town in East Tennessee and have been in business since 1998, and have seen a great deal of success on the PGA tour.  In your mind you are probably thinking to yourself, I have heard of SeeMore putters before but you just don’t know from where.  Well what if I were to tell you, one of the most memorable putts in U.S. Open history was made using a SeeMore Putter?  The year was 1999 and the putt was made by the, late great Payne Stewart, we all remember the fist pump at Pinehurst that day after such a great putt.  In the years following Payne’s putt and unfortunate passing, SeeMore Putters Struggled but in 2006 two former odyssey executives joined up with SeeMore and they haven’t looked back.  SeeMore now has two majors under their belt as a company, as Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters and still uses his SeeMore today; he is also known as one of the better putters on tour.

Two White Lines and a Red Dot

You probably thought I was joking when I said two white lines and a red dot would change your putting  but it is true.  On the heal of all of their putters is two white lines and a red dot, when you address the ball if your putter is completely square to the ball the red dot will be covered by the shaft, and you will only see two white lines when you look down at the shaft of the putter.  This alignment aide is completely legal with the USGA rules, and will let you know instantly if the toe of your putter is open or closed, slightly or dramatically at address.

X4 Nickel

The club I had the pleasure of testing was the SeeMore X4 Nickel, which is a hosel shafted putter which I am more comfortable with.  SeeMore took the RST2 (Rifle Scope Technology – White Lines and Red Dot) and placed it on the heal side of the hosel.  This allowed me to have a putter I was more comfortable with than a center shafted putter but still use the RST2 feature of the SeeMore.  SeeMore allows for full customization on all their putters, with Custom Length and Custom Lie options to the make the putter signature for your game.  The X4 is made with 303 Stainless steel that is both Cast and Milled, it also has a TPU Poured and Milled Face Insert to allow for feel off the putter face.   The bottom 6 inches or so of the steel shaft is black, this gives the club a cool look but really makes the white lines on the side of the shaft stand out, so you can tell easily if you are aligned correctly or not.  One of the best parts of the SeeMore process is every club comes with your choice of 10 different grips , with various colors for each grip, and a plethora of high quality club covers to choose from.   This allows you to really make your putter YOUR putter, and add a little flair to your game.


While SeeMore is a very well known name on tour, your Average Guy Golfer, probably has heard of them in passing but doesn’t have one in their bag.  That should change because the old saying “Drive for show, putt for dough” definitely rings true and if my money were on the line I would feel very comfortable if I had a SeeMore putter in my bag.  For such a simple design of the RST2 feature, it really does help your game instantly, and will make you a more consistent putter.