Sun Dog – Mela-Lens Sun-Glasses

Sundog EyewearWhat do you look for when buying a pair of sunglasses for the golf course, Style, Functionality, Durability, Price?  I recently was given the opportunity to review a pair of Sun Dog glasses with their signature Mela-Lens in them; and I believe the answer to the question above is you can now pick all four and wear the same pair of glasses.

Sun Dog has been in business for 30 years, with their most significant technology being the Meta-Lens technology.   Sun Dog uses/represents the technology of Dr. James Gallas of Photo Protective Technoligies in their Mela-Lens’s.  The Sundog Eyewear approach to integrating different technologies in design and construction results in a higher state of quality that is both functional and innovative.

So what is Mela-Lens?  Melanin is produced by the human body and acts as nature’s sunscreen protecting the eye from the effect of “blue” light.  Sun Dog with the help of Dr. Gallas was able to take synthesized melanin and create a Lens out of the material.  The Mela-Lens is capable of filtering out the “blue” light with minimal color distortion and 100% UVA/B protection.  The key word is filtered, as the “blue” light is filtered not blocked so the natural color balance is still maintained.

How do Mela-Lens help you in your golf game?  Besides offering numerous frames, in numerous styles and colors to match your exact style, Sun Dog’s Mela-Lens helps your game and not just by blocking the sun.  In my mind the hardest thing to do in golf is reading the greens, with the Mela-Lens you can see the grain in the green much easier.  I’ve played two rounds in these glasses and my putting was significantly better than in other rounds played.  I tested the Mach Mela-Lens, which is open bottom frame design; I had never worn a pair of glasses like this before and was thoroughly impressed.  Sometimes the bottom frame can protrude and get in your line of vision at address over the ball; the open bottom design eliminated this problem.  Sun Dog uses a RILSAN signature frame for their glasses which is a very durable material, holds its form very well; when I don’t wear my glasses on the course they go backwards on my hat, and some other glasses on the market will stretch and not fit as well.  The Sun Dog glasses never stretched or loosened at all, and had the same form fitting comfortable fit as they did on day one.  I can’t emphasize the clarity of the Mela-Lens enough, little things as simple as finding your ball in the rough (hopefully only a few times a round) on a sunny day is easier with the clarity of these lens’s.  One non-golf note I wanted to throw in was how great these glasses are for bass fishing; you can see all the little details under the water.

Overall if you have been in business in any industry for 30 years you are doing something right, Sun Dog has been around for 30 years and is making top of the line products still 30 years later.  They are competitively priced, stylish and most of all offer great protection from harmful UVA/B rays; as well as enhancing your clarity on the golf course from putting to finding your ball.