Sunice – 2014 Typhoon Collection

Written By: Chris Conley

S42003_0215 Before the start of the winter season, we did a review on the best jackets that we have tested in the industry and over the winter I personally used all of them either at the range or on the course.  A few weeks ago, I was sent a 2014 Sunice rain jacket from their Typhoon collection, and I felt it deserved it’s own write up, as it is the best Golf/Rain jacket I have ever tested/used and beat any of the jackets on our review back in November.

In our review of the top jackets we had the Sunice Omaha jacket which I still wear all the time, but after putting on the Typhoon jacket I am not sure I will wear another jacket on the course again.  The jacket is comfortable, breathable yet still warm on chilly days, flexible and stylish, as well as being water proof.

In 2011 Sunice, introduced it’s trademarked Zephal, quieter-performing light weight fabric.   In 2014 Sunice, introduced the Zephal in a full stretch model, with the Typhoon collection, and I can tell you there isn’t a movement on the golf course you are going to make that the jacket won’t respond to.  The jacket is made with their Zephal Laminated woven shell, the new full stretch inserts and is coated with their trade marked WxTech Coating, which will hold up in the heaviest of rains, and comes with a three year water proof guarantee.  While it may be marketed as a rain jacket, this is an all around on the course or off the course jacket; in the Mid-Atlantic region we have had a colder than normal winter and this jacket has kept me warm from playing in the snow with my daughter, the driving range to wearing it while I shovel snow and I stayed warm the entire time.   Again while marketed as a rain jacket, the jacket also blocks the wind and with my home course being right on the Chesapeake bay this is an important feature in golf jackets for me, as the wind can be very strong at times.  When I heard the name Sunice, before I tested any of their golf products, I thought of them as a ski and snowboard clothing company, they take the quality needed to protect you on the slopes and put it in a light weight, flexible, beyond comfortable jacket that won’t hinder your swing in anyway.

Now besides being waterproof and flexible, golf jackets have to in my opinion have certain features to make them work in sync with the golf swing; Sunice goes above and beyond in these features.  First and the most important thing to me is the wrist cuffs of the jacket, if there is no way to tighten these down they hinder my grip.  With the Typhoon collection, you have two nice features, first on the inner shell you have a tight almost base layer material that will fit snug against your body making you stay warm and not hindering your swing at the same time.  Second on the outer layer which tends to be a little longer there is a nice Velcro system so you can tighten your sleeve down to the desired fitting so it will not bother your swing.   You wouldn’t think there could be a lot of customization in a jacket but with the Typhoon collection there is, inside each of the pockets you have a zip line that will tighten the jacket to give you added support on the sides and in the back, this is especially helpful on windy days so you can tighten the jacket down to fit snug against your body so it isn’t flapping in the wind.    With Sunice’s patented V collar design, you can zip the jacket all the way up with out fear of the cold zipper being in the way, it really is an amazing  fitting jacket.  Another little detail Sunice includes is the microfiber in pocket ball cleaner, inside the left pocket a ball cleaner is attached via a button and stretchable cord type material, which on rainy muddy days on the course really does come in handy, and is a nice touch by Sunice.

When it comes to rain gear, or jackets in general for the golf course you generally lose style for function but with Sunice you can stay looking good on the course, all while staying completely dry.   With a number of different styles all using their Zephal and WxTech technologies, you are sure to be able to find a style that fits your game.  I would highly suggest anyone out there pick up a Sunice jacket, I guarantee you will wear it to more places than just the course, I wear mine everywhere.  Here at AGG we like the saying “Look Good, Play Good” and you will definitely look good in the Sunice golf line.

The only thing I can say negative on Sunice is you can’t purchase direct from their website, you have to find a retailer.  That doesn’t mean you can’t purchase online, you just have to find one of their third party retailers that sell online.  This makes finding the exact jacket you want difficult but most stores will special order styles and colors for you.  This makes pricing a little sporadic but this can benefit you with the retailer doing sales not Sunice.

I hope to review their rain pants soon for you, as I can’t imagine they are anything but as high of quality as the jackets they produce.   Go get a jacket today, you won’t regret the purchase.  You can find Sunice’s Golf website HERE .

[easyreview title=”Sunice – 2014 Typhoon Collection ” cat1title=”Style” cat1detail=”You won’t find a better looking rain jacket on the market” cat1rating=”5″ cat2title=”Performance” cat2detail=”breathable, flexible, waterproof, and adjust-ablity you can’t go wrong” cat2rating=”5″ cat3title=”Price” cat3detail=”Being as they are only sold at retailers you can find good deals” cat3rating=”4″ summary=”Go get a jacket today, you won’t regret the purchase.”]

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