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Swing into Spring

5 things to make your game bloom

Andy Hilts, Vice President of Instruction and Education
Tip provided by Golftec of Maryland 

Like many golfers, you’re probably enjoying the spring weather and celebrating the game of golf with the first Major of the year. And, like most, your friendly foursomes will start booking regular tee times on the weekends. For 2012, let’s look at ways for you to become the “A” player in your group, or at least move up from the “D” position!

You’ll reap what you sow

A key to any journey is setting the destination and your golf game is no different. Along with your Coach, you should really review all aspects of your on-course performance. Any game tracking data you have from last season or recent rounds will really help define your areas of need. Perhaps you’re missing too many fairways or suffering too many penalty strokes from bad decisions. Maybe your putter is the club that’s holding you back.

Plant your seeds for 2012

Now that you know where to focus your improvement efforts this year, it’s time to get back into a lesson routine. You may have stocked up on lessons for the year, but they won’t do you much good if you only take them once in a while. Set up a standard date and time for weekly lessons and you’ll not only reach your goals, you’ll get there faster. And, with GolfTEC offering a wide variety of lesson types ranging from full swing to short game to playing lessons, you don’t have to worry about your routine getting too stale.

How does your garden grow?

Of course, regular lessons will give you the right guidance and feedback to help you stay on the path to better golf, but you still need to put in the time on the tee. Any garden needs active work on a regular basis, and your game is no different. GolfTEC offers a great Video-based Practice that allows you to focus on your swing improvement rather than potentially reinforce bad habits on the range. Whether you come to a GolfTEC bay, or work on your game elsewhere, be sure to follow the notes and drills that your Coach provides in your WebLessons and put in 1-2 hours of practice between lessons. It really is where your improvement efforts will start to pay off.

The right tools for the job

A green thumb will only get you so far if you don’t have the right tools in your hands. Working on your swing mechanics or emphasizing your tee to green skills will only get you part of the way down your path to better golf. Today’s golf clubs offer such a wide range of technology and increase playability options that there really is something to fit everyone’s game. That also means that there are a lot of clubs on the market that may not be the right match for you. Talk to your Coach about the new makes and models that will help you make the most out of every swing on the course.

A spring in your step

Part of the appeal of a round of golf is the outdoor physical experience itself. Whether you’re carrying your clubs or riding a cart, getting outdoors is a key part of the game’s appeal. Make this your year to get into golf shape for the season. Developing more flexibility, strength and stamina can only help you around the course. Whether you’re sitting deep in the rough or fading down the back nine, your fitness could make the difference between saving par and posting a big number.

Experience the sweet smell of success this season, without letting your game go to the birds. With the right guidance from your GolfTEC Coach to help you weed out the bad habits, you’ll have a bushel full of birdies to enjoy this season.

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