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TaylorMade – Ghost Spider Putter


For those who like the coolest looking new clubs on the market, you may want to try the TaylorMade Spider Ghost Putter.  I have tried the blade ghost putter that my buddy purchased and thought it would be fun to try and compare the new spider by TaylorMade.  The first thing I noticed when holding this putter is even though it has a huge club head, it feels weight like smaller mallets I have hit.  TaylorMade put in pure roll technology so on long putts you have just as much touch and feel as you do on the shorter putts.  TaylorMade calls the alignment lines on the spider “basketball court” guidelines and it looks exactly like that as basketball court.  When first seeing the club, I thought these lines would throw me off and be to busy for me but they really help on keeping the ball aligned and centered on the club.  The back of the putter has two removable weights that allow you to customize the weight and feel specifically for you, the club comes standard with two 4 gram weights.


The alignment feature, while it seems gimmicky is very easy to use and helps a lot, it provides long clean lines that you can see through your entire swing allowing you to keep the swing on plane through out.


On some of the shorter putts I thought the putter seemed a little heavy and made me hit 4 foot and under putts a little to hard, but I am used to a blade putter so over time I am sure that is something that I would get used to very easily.

Wrap Up:

The model I used was 34″ long, 2.5 degree loft and has a 1/2″ off set; the standard club comes in 33, 34 and 35 inch models but they always make a center and belly version of this putter.  Overall this putt is great for long putts but still gives you the soft feel for short putts.  Try it out for yourself but I think this putter can help people of any handicap.

TaylorMade Ghost Spider Putter
TaylorMade continues with the white craze that is sweeping all of their models, and I still love it. The spider theme is a little crazy but I think it has a unique fun look to it.
I think this putter will make longer putts much easier for most golfers, and once they get used to the weight short putts will improve as well.
On sale for $179.99, this putter is about average for a good putter on the market, I do feel that is a lot of money for a club but you pay for quality.
I think this club could improve putting for a lot of golfers out there.

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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 5.0/5 (3 votes cast)