TaylorMade – Rocketballz 1

Written By: Chris Conley

TaylorMade Rocketballz

As you can see if you read my equipment page, I am a big supporter and user of TaylorMade products. I have always found they a great feel with their clubs, and when the new Rocketballz golf ball came out I wanted to try them. I picked up a box for $26, for a dozen which isn’t a great deal compared to some cheaper balls but the quality of this ball is great. This is a 5 piece ball which launches off your driver and irons, I don’t know that I hit any other ball farther with my driver than the rocketballz. These balls seem to fly straight, and get high into the air quickly; the crazy thing about the rocketballz is that why it is a long ball, it has great feel around the greens. This ball has a Thin and soft Iothane cover for great feel and added spin around the greens. Normally I am skeptical when a ball designed for distance also says something about feel around the greens but they are dead on when they say that. This ball will be a mainstay with me.