TaylorMade – Rocketballz RBZ 5-wood

Written By Chris Conley


If you have trouble hitting fairway woods , the new RBZ fairway woods by TaylorMade are your solution.  I have never hit a fairway wood that is more forgiving and launches the ball into the air faster than the RBZ fairway woods.  I still don’t know how this club is legal, because my 5-wood went from about 215 max to right around 235 yards.  The design of the club is great, I love the black with the bright green on the bottom of the club and have loved the white club head since TaylorMade launched it last year.  TaylorMade designed a speed pocket that they put on the sole of the club behind the club face, this speed pocket was designed to dramtically increase ball speed which increases distance.  The 5-wood comes in at 19 degrees, a lie of 58.5 degrees and a standard length of 43″, and is designed with a low front CG (Center of Gravity) to help promote launch off the club face.  The tour model has a little smaller club face, and promotes lower spin off the club face but still launches the ball high.


You don’t need to know any pros to this club besides that my 5-wood was going about 215 max on a good hit, and the RBZ 5-wood was flying about 230-235 yards every time.  I don’t think you can miss hit this club if you tried, it has a huge sweet spot and shots off the toe still fly straight and carry a long distance.  Shot after shot the ball launched high, and seemed to just float in the air landing softly.  The speed pocket design really makes the ball jump off the club face, and I will be putting this club in my bag as soon as possible.


The only true con I have found in this club is now I want to buy the 3, 5 and 7 wood.

Wrap Up:

No matter if you are a high handicap player or a scratch golfer, I am confident that the RBZ fairway woods can help your game.  The club is designed to be fast, and hit the ball a long way but also gives you the feel to be able to work the ball; this club seems to good to be true and makes fairway woods which most golfers have a hard time hitting, much much easier.