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TaylorMade – Rocketballz (RBZ) Irons

Written ByChris Conley


I had the opportunity to hit these irons the other day, and found they are great irons for people seeking game improvement irons; I personally don’t think these irons are for the lower handicap player but anyone with a 11 or higher handicap could benefit from these irons.  The two main things I have found with these irons are that the sweet spot is very large you and generally never get a miss hit no matter where on the club face you make contact and that the distance with these clubs is unrivaled.  The longer irons 3-5 are in my opinion in between a hybrid and a traditional long iron.  So you get the iron look and feel with the weight of a hybrid to help with better contact.


Distance and feel are the pros of the RBZ line, comparing the 7 iron to my current club and to the new R11 7 Iron the RBZ out did them with  no issue at all.  I hit my 7-Iron about 160, with R11 I was up to about 170-175 and I was going to about 180 with the RBZ line.  In my mind that is two club lengths high than my normal irons, making for more control.  I was launching these irons high and straight rarely had any miss hit or hit that didn’t feel like I struck the sweet spot.   The TaylorMade rep told me that across the board the RBZ is delofted compared to the lofts of other irons, but the design of the Iron helps the ball jump off the club so you still hit it as high as the higher lofted irons, but longer due to the deloft.  Another pro is the design, TaylorMade always puts out very cool looking clubs and they didn’t miss a beat with this set.  They are head turners and you will get lots of questions about them.


The only con I can find in these clubs is the price.  The $699 for the standard set of RBZ isn’t bad at all when compared to other irons on the market, including the $799 you would pay for the R11 irons.  The issue with with the RBZ Max clubs that are designed more for the lower handicap player, the come in at $1,299.  Though if you are a lower handicap player you probably play a lot and therefore have the money for clubs that will keep your game at a high level.

Wrap Up

If you struggle with consistent contact on your Irons the RBZ line will help you out, they will add distance to your shots but provide a large sweet spot that will help you make better contact and lower your scores instantly.

TaylorMade Rocketballz RBZ Irons
Taylor made is always an industry leader in clubs that have a great look to them, and they didn't disapoint with these Irons. They have a dark gray club head, with black carbon fiber styled design and a bright green outline.
If you are look for game improvement, these irons will work great for you. They add distance and have a very big sweet spot.
The base model RBZ iron set is very comparable to other irons out there and come in at $699.
I would recommend these irons to moderate to beginner golfers, they have great feel and distance and you can learn to work your shots with them.

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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
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That's What We Think......What Do You Think?
Rating: 4.1/5 (19 votes cast)