TaylorMade – RocketBladez Irons 0

Written By Chris Conley


Over the last few months, there has been a huge debate over whether or not the Rocketbladez by Taylormade were all a marketing scheme or if the technology of the speed pocket really did work.  TaylorMade in recent years, has taken marketing to a new level, they are bold, in your face and seems to back up their boisterous statements.  The first thing you notice when looking at the Rocketbladez set is the iron looks very sleek, which in my opinion is not the norm for TaylorMade; outside of the R11 irons I think TaylorMade has made some very bulky less appealing iron sets.   With the Rocketbladez set they go to a very sleek, look that you might find by other manufacturers on the market.   The irons have a very clean top line, which promotes confidence standing over the ball.  The shiny look gives these irons a great look and the touch of yellow and black in the cavity of the Iron really makes these clubs pop; definitely in my opinion one of the better looking Iron Sets on the market.  Now to get to the now infamous speed pocket, is it all marketing or does it make a difference?  I can tell you one thing, the sound off these Irons is like no other; it is loud and you know when you make contact with the ball.  The speed pocket is only in the longer irons from 3-7 but from my testing, I can tell they are more forgiving then most long irons.  The ball jumps off the long irons, with a loud sound and gets high into the air quickly.  The long irons, depending on which Iron, added anywhere from 8 to 18 yards to most shots over your typical Iron Set.  So in away the Rocketbladez do exactly what they market, they are the first real distance Iron on the market with great feel.  Here is where I think the Rocketbladez maybe a bit of a marketing ploy;  yes their 7 Iron goes farther then most typical 7 Irons but it’s not your typical 7 Iron.   The Irons measure 1/4″ longer and two degrees less loft, then most Irons; meaning the 7 Iron you are hitting 185 is technically a 6 Iron.   So a combination of a longer club, less loft and the speed pocket is what gives you the added distance in the Rocketbladez Irons.   I will say hitting a 7 Iron 185 is a confidence booster even if in your head you know it is really a 6 Iron, it says 7 on the club and you are hitting it farther than others hit their 7 Iron.  One thing I will say is they are more forgiving, even though your 7 Iron is technically a 6 Iron it is as forgiving as a 7 Iron, so you are getting the distance of a 6 Iron with the forgiveness of a 7 Iron.



  • Great Look
  • Added Distance
  • Amazing Sound off the Club Face
  • Very Forgiving


  • Price
  • A little marketing Ploy about Distance

Wrap Up

Overall these Irons look great, feel great and work great.  If you are looking for distance, these Irons will definitely help with distance as well as confidence.  TaylorMade is known for marketing ploys but these Irons are more than a ploy.  Yes they are delofted and longer, but they are still forgiving and will work great for any player from single digit handicap to a beginner.