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TRUE linkswear – Game Changer Pro

Written By: Chris Conley

What would you call it when the most comfortable golf shoe on the market, by a wide margin, makes it’s first “spiked” golf shoe.   Words like amazing and incredible come to mind but TRUE hit the nail on the head in calling their new shoe the Game Changer Pro because well the shoe, in my mind of course, is just that a true (no pun intended) game changer.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that besides for testing purposes of other products, when you see me on the course you will see me in a pair of TRUE linkswear golf shoes.   I have two pair of oxford‘s that I wear to work and then directly to the course on a weekly basis, a pair of wingtips (now called classixs) and two older Lyt Dry‘s that I still wear three years later and they are as comfortable as ever.  So when TRUE sent over a pair of Motions and The Game Changer Pro to test, I was very excited to hit the course.   Generally the only time you would see me in another pair of shoes (when it wasn’t for testing purposes) is if I am playing in wet conditions, because until now the TRUE’s were spikeless and sometimes I needed the extra grip but now with the Game Changer Pro, I don’t know if I’ll ever wear another pair of shoes on the course again.

True did the math right, They took the comfort of their shoes + The need for extra grip on wet days = The Game Changer Pro, the most comfortable spiked shoe on the market.

About TRUE Linkswear

True Linkswear was founded on a simple idea, comfort; and you can tell this is their focus in every shoe they produce.   Founded in late 2009, their goal was to build a minimalistic golf shoe that mimicked the natural motions of the foot, increasing comfort on and off the course.   They soon started teaming with PGA tour star and 3 time PGA winner Ryan Moore, to put their products to the highest test, the PGA tour.  With Ryan’s feedback and their passion to build the most comfortable shoe on the market, True Linkswear has carved out a name for themselves, right along side the big dogs in the golf shoe industry.  True Linkswear has a simple goal, design a golf shoe that will improve your game on the course, yet still be comfortable to wear off the course.  Each of their models, showcase this in a different way and we will be doing another review of their Oxford line coming soon.  True Linkswear examined how the foot moves during an athletic golf swing and produces light weight, comfortable shoes that help to maintain that athletic movement.   All of True Linkswear’s shoes are spikeless, so you can go from a day at the park to the course with out having to change, all while your feet feel like they are walking on a cloud.


About the Game Changer Pro

Before I get into all their scientific terminology that none of us will pay attention to anyway, because well all we really want to know is how the shoe feels and not why it feels that way, I’ll give my opinion.  I tested the Black pair of Game Changer Pros and upon opening the box the black on the shoe jumps out at you, it has a glossy look to it that makes the black pop and really stand out from other black golf shoes I own.   The first thing I noticed is when I picked up the shoe and felt it and played it with in my hands, is that you can bend the shoe if you push on the toe of the shoe and the heel of the shoe you can see the sole flex, something you can’t do with most, if any other, spiked golf shoes.  Generally when you have a spiked golf shoe the sole is a hard plastic, that isn’t forgiving and makes each step more rigid then comfortable, this is probably why 90% of the time I am on the course I have spikeless on but that might change after now that I have a pair of Game Changers.   Like all TRUE’s that I have worn when you slip on the shoe you feel as though you are putting on a pair of tennis shoes and upon taking a few steps, you truly feel like you have a pair of tennis shoes on, with every step you can almost feel your foot spring back up off the floor as if you are taking a barefoot step.   I love my Lyt Dry‘s by TRUE for this fact, that you almost feel as though you are playing barefoot, and I thought for sure this feeling would be lost when they added a spiked shoe to their line, but I was definitely wrong.   The other thing I love about TRUE’s is that your toes feel higher in the shoe than your heel, which promotes staying back in your golf swing and not lunging forward.  This could all be in my head, but every TRUE I have tried on makes me feel like I am sitting back on my heels more than other golf shoes, and it’s a feeling I’ve come to enjoy in my golf swing.   Most golf shoes, even tennis shoe style inspired golf shoes I have tested, narrow as they get closer to the toe of the shoe, making for a squeezed fit, with the Game Changer Pro, and any other TRUE model for that matter, you have more toe room than any other shoe I’ve ever tried on, regular tennis shoes included.   You can tighten your self into the shoe, where your heel doesn’t move but the arch of your foot and your toes still have room to move and feel comfortable, this enhances the feeling of you are walking barefoot in a pair of TRUE’s.  I played a few rounds on wet days and these shoes are full of grip, you feel as though you are swinging barefoot on the course until the spikes kick in and you stick to the ground on the hardest of swings with your driver.   They are cut slightly lower than most shoes in the ankle area and while it has caused no issues, at first it feels weird but now that I’ve worn them I truly like them being cut lower.  The only negative I have with the Game Changer and TRUE in general is their color and design selection, while they are by far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn on the course, some of their models designs (not the oxford or classix) seem bland or even a little outdated.   I would love to see TRUE add some more colors to their line, and even spice of the design with a little flash, in a time when PUMA, Nike and even FootJoy are making in your face golf shoes, TRUE almost seems like a tennis shoe I would see my grandfather lacing up.   For instance the Game Changer in a red, white and blue model would be something that would surely make a statement on the course, but instead their are a lost of Grays, whites and blacks in their lines.

Now you know my opinion on the shoe, go buy one now if you didn’t pick up on that, so onto why the shoe is so comfortable and able to keep it’s comfort even with the addition of the spikes.  There are three main things to know about how and why these shoes are so comfortable.  First is what TRUE is calling P-Motion Technology which has the shoe utilize an ultra thin, lightweight proprietary rubber mesh compound as the mid sole, they worked with a bio-mechanical engineer to make this compound which enables the shoe to stay very flexible even with the addition of spikes.  TRUE went with Champ – Zarma Tour Soft Spikes which provide grip for days, and use a Slim-Lok system in the sole to recess the spike so you do not feel like you are sitting up higher than other TRUE models, this is huge to me because I hate feeling like I am sitting higher in spiked shoes, it gets in my head and throws off my swing.   Finally they use premium leather in the upper part of the shoe to not only make a quality shoe but emphasize the comfort and flexibility through out the shoe.

Normally in reviews, I have to try and find words to get my point across on products, for the Game Changer it is easy, they are now my favorite shoe.  Whether you are looking for comfort or a great spiked shoe for wet conditions you can’t go wrong with the Game Changer, go buy yours today, you won’t look at your other golf shoes in the closet again.

They are currently on sale for $99.99, that’s stealing, for something this comfortable!  Go to their SITE and get some today.



TRUE linkswear - Game Changer Pro
Most Comfortable Spiked Shoe on the Market
Comfort Plus amazing grip
Normally $169 which is a steal, they are on sale for $99 which makes them the best deal you can find
Normally in reviews, I have to try and find words to get my point across on products, for the Game Changer it is easy, they are now my favorite shoe. Whether you are looking for comfort or a great spiked shoe for wet conditions you can't go wrong with the Game Changer, go buy yours today, you won't look at your other golf shoes in the closet again.

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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