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True Linkswear – TRUE Lyt Dry Shoe Review

Shopper StoreWritten By: Chris Conley

I want to start by saying this was going to be a review of True Linkswear 2014 shoe line, but after testing the TRUE Lyt Dry’s by True Linkswear I decided they deserved their very own review, as they may be the most comfortable shoe I have worn, on or off the golf course.

True Linkswear was founded on a simple idea, comfort; and you can tell this is their focus in every shoe they produce.   Founded in late 2009, their goal was to build a minimalistic golf shoe that mimicked the natural motions of the foot, increasing comfort on and off the course.   They soon started teaming with PGA tour star and 3 time PGA winner Ryan Moore, to put their products to the highest test, the PGA tour.  With Ryan’s feedback and their passion to build the most comfortable shoe on the market, True Linkswear has carved out a name for themselves, right along side the big dogs in the golf shoe industry.  True Linkswear has a simple goal, design a golf shoe that will improve your game on the course, yet still be comfortable to wear off the course.  Each of their models, showcase this in a different way and we will be doing another review of their Oxford line coming soon.  True Linkswear examined how the foot moves during an athletic golf swing and produces light weight, comfortable shoes that help to maintain that athletic movement.   All of True Linkswear’s shoes are spikeless, so you can go from a day at the park to the course with out having to change, all while your feet feel like they are walking on a cloud.

spring line up

Now that you know a little about True Linkswear and their goals when making the perfect golf shoe, let’s jump into what if it’s not, should be their signature shoe the TRUE Lyt Dry.   The TRUE Lyt Dry is an athletic style shoe, that looks more like a new pair of tennis shoes to wear around town than it does a golf shoe.  Lately tour and recreational players alike, have moved to a spikeless tennis shoe style golf shoe, and True Linkswear is ahead of the game with the Lyt Dry.   After receiving the shoes, I put them on and thought no way these are designed to be golf shoes, I felt like I could walk all day and my feet would never know it.   With premium leather on the upper part of the shoe combining with the incredibly comfortable lining, the Lyt Dry gently hugs the foot, allowing for the ultimate lateral stability during the golf swing, yet still allowing for flexibility.    The sole is made of a super light weight rubber, which allows your feet to almost feel the ground while walking and swinging the club.   One of the best features of the Lyt Dry is it is completely water proof, in what they call 360 degrees of water proofing, the inside and outside of the shoe is waterproof to make sure your foot stays dry in the wettest of conditions.


So now you know the story of True Linkswear and the technology behind the shoe, now get ready to hear why you should go out and buy the shoe.  I don’t say that often about products we review, but I am telling you if you put on a pair of the Lyt Dry’s you may never go back to your old shoes again.  The first day I received the shoes I was playing an afternoon round, but that morning I was taking my daughter to the park.  Instead of having to bring extra shoes, I just threw on the Lyt Dry’s and headed to the park (it’s about a mile walk); you would never have known I had golf shoes on.  My feet were completely comfortable the entire walk, and they looked sporty like I was wearing a new pair of tennis shoes.  At the park, it was the normal chase her around, climb the ladders and go down the slides with her and never once did I think about having golf shoes on.  I never thought I was going to slip or that the shoe was to hard for the movements like other golf shoes.  If I did any of this in my normal Puma soft spiked golf shoes, which are really comfortable on the course, my feet would have been hurting.  Those shoes are designed specifically for the course, the Lyt Dry’s went straight from the park to the course with out missing a beat.   Once I got to the course, I headed to the range, as every time I wear a new pair of shoes I feel I am at a slightly different height and it will effect my swing.   On the range, is when I started to notice the real brilliance of the shoe after a few swings; the toe area of the shoe is much wider than any other golf shoe I have ever worn.  You can almost relax your feet completely, and your toes are more spread out than being shoved into a normal pair of golf shoes, which for me seemed to really help with my balance and rotation through the golf swing.    Never before have I worn a pair of golf shoes, in which I can tighten them down so my ankles are secure but the wider areas of my foot still have plenty of room.  It is a hard thing to explain but while the back of the shoe fit perfectly and my heel didn’t go up and down as I walked, the front part of my foot and my toes had plenty of room.   The next thing I noticed, and I cannot find this anywhere on True Linkswear site or promotional materials, but the shoe seems to slope slightly; it felt like my toes and front part of my foot was slightly higher than the heel of my foot.   Again this could all be in my head, but I truly think they are slightly sloped, and this allowed me to stay back a little as I tend to get off balances on my toes through the swing.

After 4 rounds (two rounds in each color) I have never been more happy with a pair of golf shoes.  I highly recommend the Lyt Dry’s to anyone reading this and at $149 on the True Linkswear’s website they are very comparable if not cheaper to similar shoes on the market.   If I had to describe the Lyt Dry’s to someone it would simply be it is a shoe you can wear around the house, to do yardwork, go to the park, on the course and then to the 19th hole all while looking stylish and being completely comfortable.   There is the old saying, you don’t know till you walk a mile in a man’s shoes; well I walked a mile in Ryan Moore’s shoes and couldn’t be happier.

You can find True Linkswears website HERE.

Look for our giveaway of both pair of Lyt Dry’s that I tested, coming soon.

True Linkswear - TRUE Lyt Dry Shoe Review
Perfect on or off the course!
Waterproof and incredibly comfortable
$149 is not bad at all for a golf shoe, generally I try to stay around $100 but for what you get a great price.
f I had to describe the Lyt Dry's to someone it would simply be it is a shoe you can wear around the house, to do yardwork, go to the park, on the course and then to the 19th hole all while looking stylish and being completely comfortable. There is the old saying, you don't know till you walk a mile in a man's shoes; well I walked a mile in Ryan Moore's shoes and couldn't be happier.

More About the Author - Chris Conley

Chris is the founder of Average Guy Golf, he plays at an 11 handicap and has recently changed from TaylorMade to an all Ping line up, besides his Xenon putter.  Chris who is 34 started, playing golf when he was 15 and one Mr. Eldric Tiger Woods hit the scene and made golf popular.  He has a daughter who is 4 and loves going to the golf course, and practicing with her new Pink golf clubs that Santa brought her.  Chris's goal with the site is to make your next round more enjoyable regardless of your score.

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